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Robots Taking Over the Shelby Center

In honor of National Robotics Week, Dr. Daniela Marghitu is organizing an event to help encourage young students to learn how robots work and how to build their own virtual worlds.

Robotics has shifted from a science fiction villain to a useful technology and Marghitu wants to help encourage young students to get involved and explore the possibilities robots have to offer.

Marghitu has been working with students through robotics camps for more than five years and she explains that she has "not met one who was not captivated by robots."

"Parents sometimes worry that kids are too passionate about playing games and we want to try to help them become passionate about creating them," Marghitu explains. "The whole strategy for the event is to make it fun"

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Marghitu believes that learning how to work with computer software and robots is important in a child's education. "At the end of the day designing robots develops their creativity and reasoning skills."

At the event students will be able to control different types of robots, build small models, build virtual worlds and create their own avatars. Alice and KODU are among some of the programs they will be using to create virtual worlds and avatars.

The four types of robots that the students will be able to build and control are Lego RSX, Lego NKT, Tetrix and I-robot create.

Yasmeen Rawajfih, John Weaver, Taha Ben Brahim and Santosh Kulkarin are part of Marghitu's technical team that will be helping with the day's activities to help students learn about the different robots and computer software and how to use them.

In today's society, robotics has shifted from being the villain in blockbuster movies to being a vital part of manufacturing goods and making everyday life easier.

Marghitu's event will be held in the Shelby Center on Saturday, April 17 from 10 a.m. to noon in the main lobby. For more information visit

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