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Grab your riding boots and a lead rope and saddle up with Coley Wingo, a senior majoring in Equine Science. Outside of the classroom and labs, you can find Wingo at a barn located in Auburn, where she spends her spare time riding and working with horses.

“I chose Equine Science as my major because of my passion for horses and wanting to learn more about them,” explained Wingo. “This major also has a wide variety of things you can do with it when you graduate, for example you can go to vet school, be an equine nutritionist, an equine journalist, a trainer, teacher, facilities manager and more.”

Located in the College of Agriculture, students who choose this course of study are provided with the practical skills required for a successful career in the horse industry. Through the Equine Science classes, students learn about the nutrition, breeding management and care and management of horses. With a strong foundation in the biological and physical sciences, the Equine Science program is a good choice as an undergraduate study for students interested in applying to Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

“One of my favorite classes in my major has been the class that I am a teacher's assistant for, Introduction to Horse Management and Training,” said Wingo. “I am looking forward to taking the Equine Breeding class as well. I enjoy most of the classes because they revolve around a lot of hands on experience.”

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Growing up in Little Rock, Ark., Wingo has been riding hunter jumpers since she was 8 years old. She competed with the Greater Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association and showed horses out of state a couple times each year. Throughout high school, Wingo trained green horses and managed a stable, Hidden Valley Berry Farm, where she boarded her horse.

“While I have been in college, I found a stable where I work the barn and still get to occasionally ride even though I do not have a horse to board in Auburn.”

As she strokes the mane of the large beautiful animal, a smile comes across Wingo’s face. She hops down out of her saddle and leads JennaMere, a hunter jumper stable, back to the barn after an afternoon ride.

Horses are more than a hobby and companion to Wingo, they are her life.

“After graduation I plan on going to work on a ranch out West for a year or two and then I am thinking about going back to school to get my masters in Equine Science,” said Wingo. “Someday I would love to run a barn like that of Storybook Farms where I could help people through the therapy of horses.”

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