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Safe Harbor: Providing Auburn Support 24/7

"I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid" is a line from the Auburn creed which can sum up the work the Health Promotion and Wellness Services (HPWS) department at Auburn University.

In recent years at Auburn, Health and Wellness initiatives have moved to the forefront of student life. These programs highlight how Auburn protects and supports each otherin all aspects of life.

Senior Katherine Davis said, "Its amazing to see how Auburn has changed the conversation about health and wellness issues throughout my four years as a student. Mental and physical wellness has become a much more transparent issue on our campus which allows more people to benefit from the resources provided."

Covering the nine dimensions of wellness, the HPWS department serves the Auburn family through several programs from the Be Well Hut to academic health: creating and managing good habits .

One unique program at Auburn is called Safe Harbor. Its mission is, "believing, supporting and assisting students and employees of Auburn University after they have experienced interpersonal violence."

Safe Harbor provides around-the-clock support to the Auburn community, offering email and a 24-hour hotline which allows survivors access to an advocate whenever they need one.

"Whats comforting to me, is that there are people willing to help at all hours of the day" said Davis.

As an advocacy program, Safe Harbor advocates provide information on medical services, advice on legal services, counseling scheduling, referral for judicial sanctions and crime reporting.

While interpersonal violence and sexual assault are not positive topics to address, they are real and important especially on college campuses. Auburn is doing something to provide support, advice and create awareness that will strengthen the Auburn family as a whole.

Safe Harbor also gives students access to resources that can help educate and answer questions about sexual assault, consent, healthy relationships and safety tips.

"Just providing the information is  a helpful step in educating our student body and eventually ending interpersonal violence completely" said Davis.

Some initiatives on campus include Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, April. Events throughout these months are great ways to get involved and volunteer with the department.

How can the Auburn family help with this movement? Awareness and Education.

By promoting the initiatives of the Health Promotion and Wellness Services, students can foster an environment that does not allow interpersonal violence and also refer our peers to help they may be seeking.

Safe Harbor is giving survivors the opportunity to access resources completely based their specific needs and when they choose along with total confidentiality.

This program is living out what it means to serve the Auburn family and is taking a stand against interpersonal violence.

To reach a Safe Harbor advocate call 334-844-7233 or email

For more information, visit Safe Harbor's website at

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