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Auburn student and Study Partners Tutor Supervisor Chandler Whatley has been a tutor through Study Partners for two years. “My favorite part of Study Partners so far is really getting involved on campus and getting to know people,” Whatley said.

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Study Partners is a free tutoring service located in Ralph Brown Draughon Library offered to all Auburn students. “We offer tutors for almost every subject, and if there is a subject that a students needs a tutor for that we don’t have, we will find one for that student,” Whatley said.

“The best part about Study Partners is hearing success stories,” Whatley said. “We’ve had students come in who were close to failing and course and through diligently using our tutoring services, they have wound up doing rather well in the course that they were struggling in.”

There are approximately 55 tutors that are available through Study Partners who are eager to help as many students as they can. “It’s really cool when we can help a student and all of our tutors are willing to help any student work towards achieving their goal,” Whatley said.

Whatley encourages all students to come in and see what Study Partners has to offer. “It’s helped so many students and it can definitely help you,” Whatley said.

Study Partners is located on the second floor of Ralph Brown Draughon Library. Students can make an appointment through Study Partners online at through Study Partners online system, Tutor Trac or by calling (334) 844-5702.

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