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Searching for Spirits at Spring Villa Mansion

Thank you for tuning-in to the second episode of “Podcasting the Paranormal.” If you missed episode one, be sure to listen before you begin this current episode. In the previous episode we had the opportunity to get to know our ghost-busting partners-in-crime, the Alabama Paranormal Research Team.

Now if you are caught up, we can finally get to the exciting part. In this episode we will explore haunted happenings reported just outside Auburn, Alabama. Beyond the backroads, deep into the woods lies the historic, Spring Villa Mansion.

In this podcast I had the opportunity to meet with Spring Villa’s groundskeeper, John Porkenroy, who tells us the haunted legends that exists within the mansion. According to Porkenroy, back in the 1850’s, the owner of the Mansion, Penn Yongue, was a cruel slave owner. As the legends has it, one night as Mr. Yongue walked up the stairs to his bedroom, his slave hid in a cubby hole in the staircase, came up behind him and stabbed Mr. Yongue to his death. To this day, people claim there is paranormal activity within the mansion and throughout the property of Spring Villa. So this is where the Alabama Paranormal Research Team comes in.

During this episode, the APRT will walk us through a case-study of Spring Villa Mansion. They will even take us upstairs to the most paranormal active location in the Mansion and see if we can catch some ghosts. To find out what happens, keep listening to “Podcasting the Paranormal.”

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