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     Most girls come to college to find friends, maybe have a future job, but mainly to find their spouse. From a young age girls are shown movies that make relationships and dating seem so easy. In the movie “The Prince and Me”, Julia Stiles was not even looking for a relationship and she had a prince fall in love with her. In “Sweet Home Alabama”, Reese Witherspoon is engaged to a rich New York man who can offer her the world, but then she also has her high school boyfriend panting after her. Two guys to one girl! These movies display romance and relationships in a dreamy, perfect way, but is that how they really are?

     One thing the movies don’t prepare young women for is the search. Dating can be tiring, frustrating and painful. Sure some girls find their true love the first day of college and are set for life, but a large majority of young women have to go through much heartache and many awkward dates to achieve that MRS degree.

    For one you women, the frustration of dating makes her question if she’ll ever find her husband. Emily Riley is a sophomore from Birmingham who has had a first hand experience of the search to finding that perfect guy.


      “I think dating in college is such a hard issue to overcome for most average college students. There are too many fish in the sea which causes confusion on what is wanted or needed in a relationship. There are so many pressures with getting engaged or married, but college is more for finding yourself first, then finding the right male second.”


        Riley’s participation in a sorority has offered her many experiences to meet young men, but her future husband has not been one so far. She said the whole experience is fun and exciting, but tiring and frustrating at the same time.


      What is it like once you have actually found that guy? Junior Dana Tashiro shared what it’s like to have a boyfriend in college.


     “It is a great experience that opens you up to learning about yourself and someone new. Being in a relationship in college is exciting, but challenges you to maintain and prioritize school, your boyfriend, friends, organizations you’re involved in, free time and your family.”


     Both dating and relationships offer opportunities for an individual to grow and mature. Whether you’re in a relationship or single and ready to mingle, it’s important to be patient and not to rush into anything. After two years of college and no husband yet, Riley said that the most important thing she has learned is to stop searching. “Enjoy college and know that when the timing is right, the timing will be right.”

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