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Senior Reflections on Toomer's Tradition

Rolling Toomer’s corner is a longstanding tradition throughout the history of Auburn University. Although the students and the community may roll the corner when any Auburn University sports team wins, football season always draws in the largest crowds. This year was especially exciting around the Toomer’s oaks.

Recently Auburn’s beloved oak trees were maliciously poisoned, breaking the hearts of every member of the Auburn family. When the news broke people rushed to the oaks to show their sadness and support of any decision Auburn University officials made about the trees.

The news was especially hard for many seniors at Auburn to hear. It has been a sad part of the perfect season that many seniors were thrilled to experience. Two of them reflect how they felt, and memories that they fondly hold of the 130 year old oaks.

John Denson, a business major from Birmingham, AL shared that his first time rolling Toomer’s was after the National Championship game. “It allowed me to experience one of the best traditions during one of the most exciting times of the year. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else after we won, not even Arizona,” Denson said.

Denson is thankful that he was able to experience rolling the oaks before it was too late. He mentioned how happy he was to share that moment with his closest friends.

Martie Fulk, a communication major from Knoxville, TN also shared her feelings towards the loss. “Rolling Toomer’s after every win with my best friends has been such a great experience to have my senior year,” Fulk said.

Fulk mentioned how upsetting it was that someone would disrespect such a special tradition to the Auburn family. Her feelings are shared by many people, including Alabama fans. No one is proud of what Harvey Updyke decided to do.

“Harvey Updyke wanted to crush the Auburn spirit, but this has just made our campus and community more united than ever,” Fulk said. Fulk is not the only one who feels this way. Anyone who steps onto Auburn’s campus can see the support we have for each other as we deal with this tragic occurrence.

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