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Arguably one of the greatest years in Auburn University history for students, here's to the seniors, Class of 2014, and the moments they got to experience during their final year at Auburn.

(In no particular order)

5. Experiencing another national or lose.

Let's be real, we can't complain one bit about the amazing football season. From zero to hero, we expected nothing from this season and almost won it all. And how about that trip to Pasadena you took with all your closest friends? Started from the bottom, now we're here.

4. Snow FOR DAYS

Never have the students had more days off (to our teacher's disgust) than this final semester. We rolled in the snow, had snowball fights on Samford Lawn, and enjoyed mother nature's victory over our vigorous coursework.

3. The Georgia game

Have you ever really gone from tears to cheers that quickly in a football game? We had thrown ourselves from victory, only to take it back with the most epic play the world had ever seen... until the Iron Bowl, that is.

2. The Bruce Pearl hire

After possibly the most memorable football season in history, we top it off by hiring a renown basketball coach to improve a university-wide coaching staff that was close to perfect. Let the future of Auburn Basketball begin.

1. The infamous Iron Bowl

You knew that was coming. You can tell your grandchildren you were there. You were there the night Chris Davis displayed the greatest play of all-time. You were there to storm the field with 87,451 of your closest friends. You were there the night it rained toilet paper in Auburn, Ala., and it was your last game in Jordan-Hare, seniors.

So soak it in. You were a college senior in possibly the most epic year in this great university's history.

Photo credits: Rose Bowl, Samford Hall, Georgia Game, Bruce Pearl, Kick Six

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