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Serene Bateh, senior in Communications benefits from internships

 Bateh interned in Washington, D.C. this summer for her hometown congressman, Andrew Crenshaw.

Bateh is from Jacksonville, Florida and lived with her cousin in Washington.

 “I thought it would further my communication skills in the work environment as well as give me good connection outlets for a possible job after college,” said Bateh.

On a daily basis Bateh arrived to work at 9:30 a.m. and would usually give one tour of the capital a day to tourists visiting DC.

“That was a great experience because it forced me to refine my communication skills to a large group,” said Bateh.

Bateh had to learn all the facts and information about the capital.

She fulfilled receptionist duties and answered the phone from Florida residents.

On a typical day Bateh had intern duties such as running errands, stuffing envelopes, and doing research for the election.

Bateh worked beside two other interns her age that were also seniors in college.

The rest of the individuals that worked with Bateh were legislative assistants that ranged from age 25 to 55.

“Riding the metro was a good communication experience in itself, I had never been exposed to that type of transportation and lets just say people are very chatty on the metro,” said Bateh.

Bateh worked from the 1st of July to the 31st of July.

Now back in Auburn, Bateh interns for the Corner News.

She has been with the Corner News since May of 2012.

Bateh serves as an advertising sales representative for the corner news.

“My boss would take me with her on what she calls “cold calls” where we would walk into businesses around Auburn and Opelika and talk to them about why their business would benefit from advertising with the corner news,” said Bateh.

“I want a career in sales after college so this has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned that persistence and patience are two key components in being a successful sales person.”

Bateh has sold advertisements to Mellow Mushroom, Bloodhound, Maestro 2300, and Johnny Brusco’s Pizza.

She usually spends 15 hours a week doing sales and attempts to visit four to five businesses a day.

“I think it is a very good idea that Auburn University requires communication majors to intern before graduation. My internships have given me a bit of insight into what a sales career would be like as well as a good base of experience so that I am able to have this job on my resume, as long as have something to talk about in interviews when I am applying for a real job,” said Bateh. 

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