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Every graduating senior has an overwhelming sense of nostalgia as the semester comes to an end and graduation becomes a reality. Here is a look back at the best (and worst) moments the Class of 2014 has experienced in the past four years.

Winning the BCS National Championship Game

January 10, 2011 was a historic the day for the Auburn Family because it was the day that the Auburn Tigers defeated Oregon to claim the title of national champions. Let's not forget about the entire *undefeated* 2010 football season. Our Auburn Oaks (R.I.P.) saw more love that season than ever before and it was a wild ride. To sum it up in three words: War Damn Eagle. 

Historic Tornado Outbreak

At the end of the Spring 2011 semester, a streak of severe weather hit the Southeast with full force. During the week of April 25-28, Alabama saw some of its most catastrophic moments when tornados tore through the state. When our rival school suffered through critical damage of its community, we put our differences aside with "Toomer's for Tuscaloosa," a Facebook page for Auburn fans to volunteer to aid the Crimson Tide. TFT is now a nationwide grassroots network providing relief to communities in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. 

Auburn Alumnus Tim Cook named Apple CEO

The day Tim Cook was pronounced Apple's new CEO was a proud day for Auburn University. Cook graduated from Auburn in 1982 with a B.S. degree in industrial engineering and started working for Apple in 1998. In December 2013, Cook received the Auburn University Lifetime Achievement award and joked about needing an extra second at the end of his acceptance speech. War Eagle, Tim Cook.

Auburn Alumna Octavia Spencer wins Oscar

At the 2012 Academy Awards, Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" for her role as Minnie Jackson, a maid, in the movie "The Help," which depicted Southern life during the 1960s. During a red carpet interview, Spencer and ABC News host Robin Roberts gave Auburn a shout-out with an enthusiastic "War Eagle!" Watch the red carpet video here.

The Final Roll: Auburn Oaks

The historic Toomer's Oak trees had been suffering since a bitter Alabama fan poisoned them following the 2010 Iron Bowl. After many tried and failed rehabilitation efforts, the tradition of our beloved Auburn Oaks came to an end. On April 20, 2013, the Auburn Family showed its support for the university we all know and love. After record-breaking attendance at the Spring A-Day game, fans gathered at Toomer's Corner for one last roll. 

The Entire 2013 Football Season

After the 2012 football season and gaining a new head coach, Auburn fans were hopeful for an improvement on the previous character building season. Not a single Auburn Family member could have predicted the incredible outcome of the 2013 season. Although most of the players remained the same, the team spirit was renewed and the Auburn Tigers had its momentum back. Saturday after Saturday, our Tigers pulled out all the stops on the field and kept fans on their toes up until the last second. When the season came to a close with Auburn's defeat to Florida State in the BSC National Championship Game, fans reminisced on the miraculous recovery the Tigers made throughout the months with an overwhelming sense of Auburn pride.

Snow Days: The Trilogy 

Living in the South has its perks including our notoriously short winters and incredibly long sunny seasons. Occasionally, Southerners get a few snow flurries and iced-over roads, but the beginning of 2014 brought snow induced destruction to the entire Southeast. The #Snowpocalypse caused a chain-reaction of snow days for Auburn, something most students never expect to see during their entire college careers. The Loveliest Village on the Plains looked just as beautiful as a Winter Wonderland.

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