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                Have you ever stepped out of a classroom and wished there was a bike to ride quickly to the other side of campus instead of just walking? Auburn is constantly trying to push ways to make our campus an all pedestrian campus, and one way SGA is implementing this is through a community bike system. The Health Promotion and Wellness Services are also promoting the bikes through a healthier and more active campus. Catherine Edwards, a member of Senate, states that “you can get on one of these community bikes, ride anywhere on campus, and when you get out of class it may not be there anymore because someone else has chosen to ride it across campus. It’s all about sharing and allowing every Auburn student a chance to ride a bike.”  Many other universities all across the United States have these types of bicycles including Mississippi State, Clemson, and Florida. It is time that Auburn joins these universities and has something so convenient to every student.  

                The question on most people’s mind has to do with stealing of the community bikes, but each bike will have a tracking device connected to it to make sure they know where the bikes are at all times. Also, the bikes will be bright orange and blue, no one will be able to steal these bikes without someone knowing.  Health Promotion and Wellness Services has created a bike permit policy that every bike on campus must be registered in the same way you would register a car. This policy will allow the monitoring of bicycles to reduce the amount of stolen bikes on Auburn’s campus.

                The name of this community bike system is “War Eagle Wheels.” This catchy name will hopefully draw many people in and make them want to ride these bicycles to class. Edwards states that, “Everyone is going to want to ride these bikes; this will change pedestrian life on campus forever.” Everyone has high hopes for this new system, and hope to see it through. There is no set date for when these bikes will be arriving on campus, but many things have already been approved to see these bikes soon. Be on the lookout for War Eagle Wheels; who knows you could leave class a few minutes late and a bicycle could be right outside your classroom waiting for you to ride.

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