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Editors' note:  For our readers, this will be a bit of an inside look at what we do at Auburn Family.  This site is a project operated by public relations students at Auburn University.  I'm sharing this story as an example of a way they may find story ideas for Auburn Family using search functions in a variety of social networks.  We start with Facebook's new Social Graph Search function.

I have this belief that any good thing you see can be connected to Auburn in six connections or less. Call me crazy. But, that belief coupled with a desire to find new stories for Auburn Family led me to this story.

Recently, I noticed two videos posted by Auburn alumni that illustrated the good works of their respective hospitals. You're going to love these videos.  They tug at your heart and carry positive messages. I'll share those videos below. But first... 

Always seeking new story ideas about Auburn, I wondered if there would be an easy way to find other alumni that worked at the same hospitals. Enter Facebook Graph Search. Have you tried it?  It's a great way to find old classmates and friends.  For business, Forbes magazine recently offered tips on using graph search.

Using simple Facebook searches like "People who work at Cleveland (OH) Clinic and attended Auburn University" and "People who work at Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama and attended Auburn University", I was able to find Auburn alumni associated with the hospitals. 

At Cleveland Clinic (one of the top hospitals in the nation, by the way), we find Perry Hooper (photo, right). He studied biomedical sciences at Auburn University and graduated in 2007. Today, Hooper is an orthopedic surgery resident at Cleveland Clinic.

Shannon (Solon) Schwartzenburg (photo, left) is an Auburn alumna and is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Cleveland Clinic. An Ohio native, Schwartzenburg grew up in Uniontown, Ohio and found her way to Auburn University. She graduated in 2000 with a BA in business.

Upon graduation Schwartzenburg began her professional career with Ernst & Young, and then spent five years directing Client Services for GE Healthcare. In 2011, Schwartzenburg found her way to Cleveland Clinic.

For Montgomery's Baptist Health hospitals, I found two alumni.  By the way, Baptist East was also named one of the top hospitals in the country.

Larry Davidson (photo, right) is the Clinical Chaplain at Baptist Health and has been with the hospital since 1980.  He studied Marriage & Family Counseling at Auburn University.  I can only imagine the wonderful stories Davidson could share from his 30+ years of service.

Brooke Glassford (photo, left) is a communication specialist at Baptist Health - Central Alabama and she is also a remarkably talented photographer at Kim Box Photography.  Brooke studied Public Relations at Auburn University and graduated in 2010.

Brooke is someone we have written about before.  See God-given Talent for Photography.  In fact, Brooke even wrote for Auburn Family when she was in school at Auburn. War Eagle!

Now, to me, these alumni are very interesting and remarkable people.  I'm hoping that in the Fall semester we'll be doing more stories on alumni for you here in Auburn Family.   Actually, I'll assign these people as stories during the first week.  I hope they'll let us interview them.

Now, to the videos.  Check out both productions and you'll see the remarkable places these alumni are today.  Each hospital is doing caring and compassionate work.  The alumni make Auburn proud.

Baptist 50th Anniversary Video

Baptist 50th Anniversary Video from Stamp on Vimeo.


Cleveland Clinic's Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

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