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Six Helpful Tips for Finishing the Spring Semester Strong

Every year, there comes a time in the semester where college students across the country feel the burnout. The burnout tends to come right after Spring Break. Students come back getting a taste of summer and school seems overwhelming. Finals are on the horizon, but first there is a pile of tests, projects, presentations, papers and quizzes that students face. Some students even begin to panic, realizing they may not be able to pull up their grades because time is winding down.

Here are a few tips on beating the burnout and finishing the Spring semester strong:

1. Don’t fall out of your routine 

     Routine is crucial to keeping your stress level low and maximizing the hours in your day. Don’t let yourself sleep through your alarm or skip class. Make sure you are following a normal routine. Your normal routine should prioritize rest, eating three meals a day, physical activity, schoolwork, and responsibilities. When you fall out of routine, it is easy to feel behind and discouraged. Routine is good for your mental and physical health.

2. Make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep

      College students are notorious for falling in an out of routine and in return, their sleep schedule suffers. We operate with a mentality that tells us to sacrifice sleep and pull an “all-nighter” to study for that biology test or write that literature paper. Going without sleep for 24 hours is dangerous not only to your physical health, but also to your mental health. Making sure that you are getting 8 hours or more of sleep per night, allows your body to reset. Getting a good night of sleep on a regular basis decreases your chances of getting sick, increases your productivity during the day and allows you to think and function rationally.

3. Don’t procrastinate

       College students are known for this, honestly. Why do we continue to procrastinate, even after we’ve learned our lesson? Look at your planner for the spring semester and work ahead. Make sure you know when your finals are and where your grades stand. If you plan early, this takes away the unknown and lowers your stress level. When you work ahead, you tend to do create better work and perform better on tests.

4. Take some time for yourself

In the midst of a crazy schedule and trying to finish school, it is extremely easy to forget about yourself. Pick a day or block off an afternoon for yourself. In that time, commit to doing something that you enjoy. Go for a bike ride, take a nap, clean your room, go get ice cream, read a book, bake a cake, take a run. Do something that lowers your stress and gives you the opportunity to relax.

5. Schedule time for people around you

     Look at your schedule, have you made time for the people around you? We get caught in the craziness and sometimes forget about the relationships. You are in college for an education, but it is important to be in community. Make an effort to share a meal with a friend or grab a drink. Isolation isn’t good for your mental or emotional health so don’t let your schedule isolate you. Make people a priority!

6. Take it day by day.
Looking too far ahead at your planner can lead to feeling extremely overwhelmed. Set realistic goals about what you can accomplish today. If you are able to focus on just today, this will minimize the risk of burnout decrease and maximize your ability to finish the Spring semester strong.

All in all, each of these six steps build off the other and affect the other. It is more than likely, if you are doing one of them well, you are doing the other five. Here’s to finishing the Spring semester strong! Summer, we are coming for you!

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