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Snoop Dogg, Frank Sinatra & National Geographic: Christmas in a Full House

Not many students at Auburn have nine roommates.

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But nestled on a little street in downtown Auburn, there's an old house that is home to ten Auburn students. They call it the Toomer House.

Around Christmas time, the house begins to buzz with excitement for the holidays, finals and, of course, presents.

The ladies of this house share in a tradition that most American homes practice--Christmas decorating. The tradition begins before leaving for Thanksgiving break. The iHome plays Christmas tunes, everything from Snoop Dogg's "Santa Goes to the Ghetto", Sufjan Steven's Song's for Christmas to Frank Sinatra classics.

"Our roommate Hannah had some mistletoe," said Meliss Moore, "so we hung it around the house hoping to catch some unsuspecting guests."

After covering the house from floor to ceiling in lights, tinsel, and baubles of red and green, the residents of the Toomer House leave for Thanksgiving with their families.

Coming home after Thanksgiving to a fully-decorated house makes getting ready for finals a little easier for the girls. Finals week seems a lot less stressful with stockings over the fireplace and rocking chairs wrapped in bows.

That's not all the Toomer House does to celebrate though.

"Since we have ten girls, it's kind of hard to buy for all of us," said Katie Cauthen, "so we do Secret Santa."

The Toomer House ladies have a tradition of picking names at the Christmas decorating party before Thanksgiving. This means they get two short weeks to decide on a gift.

Last year Kelsey Seale, who's been living in the house for three years, decided to gift a year's subscription to National Geographic magazine.

This year Moore, who received the gift subscription, crafted a something special for her gift. She created a necklace and a pair of earrings with handmade beads.

"It was really cool that I got Kelsey," said Moore, "because the year before she had gotten me a year's subscription, and so I made the beads out of paper from the National Geographic."

It's memories and experiences like Secret Santa that make the few years student's have in college so sweet.

Although most of the Toomer House ladies are graduating this year, the house will be full of new women excited to make their own sweet memories come August.

But the graduating residents won't be forgotten by the walls of this old house.

No, really, their names and heights are recorded on the walls of the pantry.

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