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So You're Not Rushing a Sorority? That's Okay!

"Being in a sorority isn't defining, but it can be a defining catalyst," says Bonnie Wilson, advisor for Auburn's Alpha Chi Omega chapter.

Sorority recruitment is the first of many major choices in college. But, it is not the end all be all. 

Many women find who they are in a sorority. But, a sorority isn't the only place to find yourself. 

There are plenty of ways to get plugged in that don't involve Greek letters. 

Can I Join a Club?

You'll hear it at Camp War Eagle, you'll hear it during Welcome Week and most of your four years at Auburn University-- get involved.

There are over 500 different organizations on Auburn's campus ranging from Pizza Club to honor societies to AU Model Board. 

Find something your interested in and join. It's always easy to make friends with people who share your interests. 

Have you not found a group that shares your interests? That's okay! You can even start your own club or organization!

Visit  AUInvolve for more info on involvement. 

Katie Day, a senior in pre-med, finds that not being in a sorority has expanded her opportunities. 

Katie Day is a senior in pre-med and has been extremely involved in SGA and other organizations on campus.

"Not being in a sorority has not affected the amount of opportunities. In my experience it made it easier for me to be a leader on campus, because I don’t have another organization to take my time. I am able to completely pour into what I am involved in and lead. On top of that, I have been able to reach out to younger girls who aren’t in sororities either, and help them feel the same comfort I have in not being in one!"

But what if I'm on the fence? That's okay too.

Faith Webb, a senior in public relations and Vice President of programs for SGA, shares some of the feelings that she had not being Greek. 

Faith Webb, a senior in public relations and SGA vice president of programs.

"So I am from a really small town and only knew one girl who went to Auburn. I had to gauge of what Greek life was like here, and was nervous that I'd not be accepted. Not rushing was hard, and I regretted it for a month or so, but now I feel secure in where I am in involvement on campus and in friend groups."   

Katie and Faith both highlighted the key in all of this-- it's a choice. 

At the end of the day being in a sorority or not is a choice. It's all yours-- no one else can make it for you.

Can I Rush a Sorority Later?

Here's the thing that no one tells you. The choice isn't permanent. You can still decide to rush or join a sorority later in college. 

Continuous Open Bidding is also an option. 

Jaylin Goodwin, former Auburn University panhellenic president, shares insight on COB. 

Jaylin Goodwin served as president of AU Panhellenic council from 2015-2016.

"The process is super relaxed and occurs year-round. In my opinion, I believe you get out what you put into a Greek organization on campus, therefore going through COB instead of formal recruitment for whatever reason does not make a difference or put you at a disadvantage in any way. 

I would start by visiting this website and reading through all the questions and answers - it is a comprehensive overview of the process and will likely answer any questions. 

Find information about COB here.

If any questions still remain after that, or you are wanting to talk to someone in person about the process, stop by the Greek Life Office on the first floor of the Student Center in Room 1115! Panhellenic officers, cabinet members, and graduate assistant have office hours daily during university business hours and no formal appointment is required to stop by and ask about COB."

You can even decide to rush your sophomore year. 

Overall your Greek letter status doesn't make you any smarter, prettier or funnier-- nor does it make you dumber, uglier or more dull. 

 What's important is that you make the best choice for yourself in your journey in being an Auburn Woman.

For more information about AU Panhellenic visit their website.

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