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Female beauty pageants are quite popular at Auburn and in the state of Alabama, but what about the men? Sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, is hosting an all male beauty pageant to find out who the ‘Big Man on Campus’ is.
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Male contestants are nominated by other sororities on Auburn’s campus, then go on to compete in the pageant. They are judged on formal wear, question and answer and talent portions.

Co-director of the pageant, Lauren Staub, explains why this event is so important, “All the funds go to Zeta Tau Alpha’s foundation to help find a cure for breast education and awareness. “

Zeta Tau Alpha’s philanthropy is the main purpose behind the event, “Big man is so important because Zeta Tau Alpha raises the most money with our philanthropy and this event ends the fundraising year with large funds being sent to the ZTA foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer and increase education and awareness. “said Staub.

More than just the contestants become involved in the pageant, “Other sororities get involved by coming to the show to support their big man and they give money to help their big man increase his score. Many sorority members participate in the show to help the big men with talents.” explained Staub.

The contestants display a variety of talents from lip-syncing to choreographed dances. They also work throughout the semester to raise funds for breast cancer education and awareness.

Staub has been working closely with the contestants as they prepare for the pageant, “The contestants love big man. It's a great way for them to be involved and represent a sorority. The contest is very fun and the men really get to express their creativity and fun side.” said Staub.

The pageant is Thursday, April 4th at 7:30 p.m. in the Auburn University Student Activities Center. And this year’s theme is sports and athletic ability. Judges include Auburn Mayor Bill Ham and Mr. Dick Phelan and AU Rhythm will be performing during the pageant.

“People should come watch big man because it’s a great show that the 16 men spend a lot of time to prepare for. They are creative, witty and want to help spread the word. “ said Staub.



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