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Sorry Not Sorry: Why women need to stop saying sorry

Ladies, today I want you to count how many times in one day you use the word sorry. I guarantee that the number will astound you. Why is it that as women we are always the one apologizing for menial actions that do not warrant our apology? This over usage of the word sorry was pointed out to me by my own extremely opinionated and strong mother who was brought up to never apologize for her actions. I was in the kitchen with both of my parents putting away the dishes when my father and I both reached for the same dish and as we did I stopped and said, “sorry” while letting him grab the dish. My mother then looked at me and said, “Why do you keep saying sorry? I feel like you don’t even know what that word means anymore.”

When looking on one can find the true meaning behind the word ‘sorry’. Sorry is defined as feeling regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc. The definition of the word sorry has been construed in our vocabulary to be used as a verbal crutch when inserting our opinion or doing an action.

Auburn University is known for developing strong female leaders in and outside of the classroom. Women such as Octavia Spencer, a Grammy winning actress, and astronaut Kathryn Thornton, the second American woman to walk in space, are just a few of the remarkable women to begin their journeys at Auburn. On Auburn's campus there are strong women leaders involved in every organization.

Taylor Akers, SGA Chief of Staff, believes that the only way to build strong leaders is to lead by example. "Young women at Auburn need to make strives to achieve their goals of one day being great leaders on this campus".

Lizzy Nicholson, Panhellenic Administrative Vice President, believes in the Panhellenic message about the empowerment of young women. "Women are strong, smart and forces to be reckoned with on Auburn's campus. Young women will make a change on this campus".

Pantene’s commercial “Not Sorry” promoting the #ShineStrong campaign gives a visual on the usage of the word sorry used by women. It depicts the everyday tasks that we perform and then give an apology. The commercial has a call for action that encourages women to stop being sorry and start being strong. As women we need to stop apologizing for being strong and independent so we can start being sorry for those that do not realize our full potential.YouTube Video

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