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Spice Up Your Schedule: Unique Electives You May Not Have Known Existed

To break up the monotonous daily schedule of core classes, luckily Auburn requires students to take a certain number of elective hours. Some students decide to pick up a minor with these extra hours and other's like to mix physical education classes into their day. Auburn offers electives for almost every interest and tons of new things to try. Here are some electives you might not have even know existed!

1. Self-defense- Have you ever wanted punch a police officer? Well this class gives you the chance to fight three of them as the final exam at the end of the semester. A comprehensive course in self-defense gives you the full low down on how to protect and defend yourself, and then show those cops what you've got.


2. Water Aerobics- If competitive team sports aren't your thing, here is a fun elective to try! This water aerobics elective consists of swimming exercises and routines in the Auburn pool as well light conditioning out of water. Not only is it a fun class to break up the day but it's also great exercise!

3. Scuba diving- This may be one of the coolest electives of them all! Learn how to scuba dive in the Auburn pool and get the chance to go to Panama City Beach at the end of the semester to become officially scuba certified. Enough said.

4. Online Wellness- Have a tough semester a head? This is a great online class if you know you'll be crunched for time. It consists of about 10 online quizzes and 5 online activities about health and physical fitness. The great thing about the class is that you can either turn in a quiz at the end of each week or sit down and complete them all at once if you're determined to get the class done ahead of time!

5. Online Organic Gardening- Are you interested in gardening or cooking? Then organic gardening might be the class for you! This online class consists of weekly online quizzes and activities as well. It is based off of gardening practices, maintenance and marketing of home-grown vegetables.  

Other fun classes to take include Active Auburn, where you enroll and have to take three group fitness classes a week at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center. In addition there are other sports classes that focus on one sport which include classes solely for tennis, golf, bowling, kayaking, sailing, yoga and lifeguard training. To find these classes and similar ones, you can go to the Physical Education tab when registering.

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