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Stephanie Taugner :: Raining Blue in Indianapolis

"Auburn University has an incredible reputation and especially in the Art and Architecture Departments," said Stephanie Taugner.  "I got an excellent education as well as being able to feel comfortable since I grew up in Auburn. Making the transition from high school to college is also daunting at first. The fact that I knew the University and felt close to it knowing many of the students, faculty and people in town made my college years at Auburn really enjoyable."

"I was very involved with art in general and art related activities so any workshops, lectures, discussions that the Art or Architecture Dept. provided I attended and/or participated in. The faculty had a significant impact on me because they were all professionals in their own area. They all practiced their own art work and exhibited all over the country. They taught us and helped us grow into being the kind of creative person we were within ourselves. Since creativity is so personal, that is crucial towards having a good learning experience in all forms of art," said Stephanie.  She graduated in 1984 with a B.F.A. in Painting from Auburn University.

"What I have been doing this past year is learning more about social media and how to use it in an effective way to interact with other artists, jewelry designers, textile designers, painters and more," said Stephanie.  "It has been quite an interesting journey for me. It is unexplored territory still for me, so I am learning as I go which at times is a bit stressful, but I feel that Facebook, Pinterest, Klout, Gmail and Twitter are all ways to get my thoughts and visual imagery out into the world. Otherwise it is slower and more internal. Less people are involved in the process," said Stephanie.

Stephanie uses her blog to share personal insights into her jewelry and her art.  She differentiates between the handmade crafts she creates and also the manufactured fashion accessories she also carries in her shop.

Hi everyone! I want to talk a bit about all of the jewelry, accessories and fabrics on our web site! ”Raining blue essentials” gives you that great look at a very reasonable cost. “Raining blue essentials are NOT handmade. They are manufactured items that we have bought exclusively for our web site. Why? We feel that every woman should have access to trendy pieces to add to their wardrobe to make her feel good. The items being introduced are handpicked by me . “Raining blue” items are all handcrafted, created and designed by me, Stephanie Taugner.  All of these pieces complement each other whether they are “raining blue essentials” or “raining blue” Most of you get a little of both then mix and match!

The images on the fabrics are derived from dream images and deep reflection on times past, some tell stories in the textile fabric design as well. The Love Letter series is one theme from  poignant love letters of the past. Images reflecting this with words sprinkled throughout here and there. Symbols are a consistent theme in my designs too, especially hearts, not just cute, hearts have a much deeper meaning, depending on the feeling, the symbolic heart image reflects. Time, memories, love,  thoughts and emotions are part of our lives. This imagery is integrated into my fabric paintings and my process creates the final outcome as it moves along. There is a great joy in this for me, and my hope is to pass that on to you, that is why each item I create is made to manifest visually and emotionally what I am hoping to convey. “Raining blue” is very personal and always will be. That is who I am, so I hope you look at the work and  find that special something that reasonates within you as it does with me. Sincerely, Stephanie

"It is fun to have friends, family and meet new people through blogs and other social media sites," said Stephanie.

"I got interested in jewelry in the early 1990's, I created it at that time, out of dyed paper pulp and also painted on silk scarves and sold them at a store called 'Colours' in Paris while I spent one year in Switzerland."

"Then later I taught college so there was a large gap of time where I only taught and made graphic design. Then about 6 years ago, I started creating gem stone jewelry and a friend suggested I sell it in her boutique in Indianapolis."

"I now occasionally sell in L.A out of store in Santa Monica and off of my web site," said Stephanie.

"That is how I got started in this medium and painting on fabric again as well. I really love it. I only write about what I have created or what others have made, so for me being an artist it is limited in that way, but there is an infinite amount to discuss when it comes to creativity!"

"When someone inspires me, I always share that with others because it is such a gift to be able to gather inspiration from other people on the internet or anywhere really. I truly just wanted to connect with the outside world."

"I needed to get my visual work out there to express myself, connect with people, sell work, and that really sums it up for me. Anyone who wants to wear something I make, I consider it an honor. I am so happy when someone buys one of my pieces and I see it on them."

"That is the real joy in creating functional art for me, I like the interactive aspect of it. The jewelry is being worn by the person... the clothing, belt or scarves is worn in various ways by each individual. It is quite rewarding for me! I really love what I do and hope others do too!"

Raining Blue is an independent jewelry and accessories business designed and created by designer and owner Stephanie Taugner. Founded in 2008, Raining Blue began as a hobby but quickly transformed to a full-time business in 2011. Using mixed media, Stephanie creates jewelry and accessories inspired by shapes, colors, form and artistic compositions.

Her jewelry and silk textiles are created to enhance a woman’s natural beauty that can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. When asked to describe her work, Stephanie simply states that she creates pieces that will “evoke emotions that every woman feels through the different seasons of life.”

Stephanie Taugner :: Friends, Fashion, Jewelry ... even Kittens and a Dog

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