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Senior Mary Win McCarthy from Mobile, Ala. is an Architecture major who has her sights set high for helping improve the design of buildings by creating sustainable and green homes. McCarthy has always has a passion for both art and math and wanted a career that incorporated both subjects.


McCarthy did not realize the breadth of knowledge she would learn going into architecture.


“Architecture influences politics,” said McCarthy. “It has shown a rejection of aristocracy and makes a statement about our culture. It also entails other subjects like sociology, how people react to their environments.”


The Auburn architecture program lasts for five years so McCarthy will not graduate until May of 2013. Within the program, students are expected to have three to five years experience interning at a firm. After interning at Acheson Doyle Architects in New York City, her gained experience was incomparable to what students can only learn in a classroom. Her internship hours will count toward her becoming a certified architect.


“I’m very thankful for the internship,” said McCarthy. “They treated me very well and it was a very diversified environment. I learned a lot about the size of firm I would prefer to work for in the future.”


In order to obtain her future career goals, McCarthy intends to attend graduate school. She is looking to receive her masters in sustainable design and historic preservation and restoration. Her true passion is within residential architecture due to the intimate relationship she will experience with her client.


“I don’t represent my classmates,” said McCarthy. Her passion for architecture’s esthetic function, creativity and love of design will prepare McCarthy for a successful future as an Auburn architect.

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