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Student Gains Valuable Career Experience Through Woodworking Business

College students gain real world experience in a variety of ways.  Some pursue joining campus organizations, volunteering or interning. Then you have those that chose a unique path.  That's Drew Bolton.

Auburn student Drew Bolton took another approach by starting his own business Bolton Woodworking. Bolton, a sophomore in building science, creates woodwork such as furniture, cutting boards, and artwork for customers and different businesses. Bolton said he wants to take people’s ideas and make them a reality.


“Getting started with all this was relatively simple,” Bolton said. “It has just taken a while to do. An old roommate of mine moved out last winter, and the house he moved into happened to have an old run-down barn in the backyard. So naturally, I've spent the last 11 months building a woodshop inside of it. So far, it's ready for action, but I hope to make a lot of improvements in the near future.”

Some of Bolton’s projects have included a coffee table, a tobacco pipe, and serving trays. The peacefulness of the work has been his favorite part so far about the experience.

“With everything I do in there, I make sure to wash it in lots of prayer the whole time I'm working on it,” Bolton said. “I'm a Christian man, so meeting with my creator and dedicating my work to Him has actually turned out to be the most stress-relieving thing I've ever done.”


Bolton is thankful to be able to apply the skills he has learned in his building science classes. With his work, he constantly has to figure out the best solution to a problem, and it’s never as straightforward as it seems. He said it’s been great training for his future career in building science, and he feels he will be well prepared.


“If someone were interested in starting their own business in college, then I would say go for it,” Bolton said.  “However, you have to be careful not to overdo it. It's addicting, and it can be easy sometimes to let it take over your time.”

He has many plans for the future with his business and is excited to see where it goes. He wants to eventually mill his own lumber and be able to use high-quality wood for larger pieces such as tables and bookshelves. He also wants to sell T-shirts with his logo and use the money for more tools.    

More of Bolton’s work can be found on his Instagram page @boltonwoodworking. He can be reached by email at or through his Facebook page

(Photo Credits // Drew Bolton)

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