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Student Opinions on 2016 Fashion Trends

As 2015 comes to an end, a year of trends does along with it. While some may continue into the new year, others are better kept in the past.

This year, fashion had a blast from the past with many trends from past decades making a return. One major comeback was the return of the ’70s and ’90s era denim. This includes a lot of high waist bottoms, wide legged jeans and crop tops.  Stores also had an influx of velvet and suede hitting the shelves.

"I think suede will be here to stay for a while," said Allison Snyder, senior at Auburn University. "At least I hope it is because it looks great and is surprisingly cozy."

With another classic made modern, fashion also saw jumpsuits rise in popularity this year. Not only are they effortlessly chic, but comfortable and quick to throw on as well.

"I still don't know how I feel about jumpsuits honestly," said Ashlyn Perez, also a senior at Auburn. "They definitely won't be around for long in the new year."

The '90s made their way into 2015 with a take on the classic choker.  Whether you're dressed up or enjoying a casual Saturday, a choker adds a level of interest unlike other pieces of jewelry.  One walk around around campus proves the popularity of this booming trend, but not all students think this accessory is here to stay.

"It's one of those trends that you see everywhere for three months then it disappears," Snyder said. "I'm ready for it to fade out."

Continuing from 2014, this past year of fashion clung to high waisted looks, particularly with skirts and bathing suits.

"If there's one trend I think will always be in style, it's high waisted items," Perez said. "I saw a ton of high wasted skirts and things like that this year."

Last but definitely not least, this year was unmistakebly filled with Birkenstock. The Loop provided a humorous look into the Do's and Dont's of wearing the "ugly chic" shoe. Although no matter what the outfit, it's hard to beat the comfort of this throwback footwear.

What trends will survive in the new year? How will fashion continue to evolve? For 2016, Elle predicts the rise of netting and a longer life for the '70s-inspired suede trend.  They also see more orange in the future, as designers such as Dion Lee and Adam Selman had the bright color in their latest collections. Stock up on the orange quick, Auburn fans!

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