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Student Spotlight: A Look inside a Radio, Television and Film major at Auburn University

The allure of Hollywood and a possible career in the business, draws many college students to consider a major in radio, television and film. However, many of those students take a second thought and chose a major that is regarded more sensible. Not Courtney Davison. This Auburn senior chose to stick to her gut and went with the career path she was passionate about.

"The Radio-Television-Film program changed its name to Media Studies in 2014 to better communicate the scholarly and creative work the program conducts," according to the School of Communication and Journalism website.

Davison, originally a communication major, changed it to radio, television, and film to create a more specific career path for a job in the entertainment industry.

Davison explains that two of the best things about her major are the smaller classes and more attentive teachers.

“The other students are so cool and we all hang out together outside of class,” Davison said. “It’s really nice because we’re all working towards the same dream and all help each other out. You pretty much travel from class to class with the same people five days a week.”

Davison also addresses how many people view RTVF as an easy major.

“Contrary to popular belief, this is not an easy major," Davison said.

While we are not solving differential equations, we do have assignments such as writing a 50-page script for a TV show and filming a short film for an entire semester. It’s a lot of work, but it’s mostly creative based.

Breaking into the entertainment industry is another hard aspect associated with Davison’s major. As of now, she plans to move back home to the Los Angeles area and hopefully become a production assistant on a TV show or movie set. Since Davison is a California native, she plans to utilize all of her local connections in LA in order to find potential work.

Unlike some of her peers, Davison has no urge to break into the industry to seek fame. Her dream job is much more behind the scenes.

“My dream job is to be a location scout, in which I would look for locations for movies or TV shows to film, then would be in charge of the set for the entirety of the filming,” Davison said.


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