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It is a favorite pastime of many students, teenagers and 20-somethings alike to play a small practical joke on a friend or roommate.  From hiding a cell phone or remote, to locking someone out, to moving somebody’s car to the next lot, a practical joke is an almost guaranteed way to get a humorous response by both parties. 

            Many students have played a joke on one of their roommates a time or two. Auburn Student Mary Kathryn Florie and her three roommates once filled up a friend’s room with balloons, which are her friend’s biggest fear.  Florie says, “When she opened the door, she starting going into hysterics and panic mode.  For some reason, she’s deathly afraid of balloons.  She made us clean them all up while she waited down the hall, but we laughed the entire time.”

            Student Alex Tedrow once put a rubber band over the faucet in her kitchen.  She knew her roommate was going to be doing the dishes soon, so she put the band on the faucet and waited.  Tedrow says, “I knew my roommate was having a bad day and she loves this kind of stuff. I knew it would make her smile, and even if I did have to clean up water, it was well worth it.”

            Living with multiple people means there are that many more opportunities for a prank to occur at any given time. Student Rob Gordon says, “Living with four of my fraternity brothers makes for very interesting times. Whenever something is missing, from something small like my keys, to something big like my Gene Chizik autographed football, I automatically assume one of them has hidden it from me, just to have a good laugh.”

            Students enjoy having a good laugh, even though it might sometimes be at the expense of another. However, both parties know that it’s all in good fun.  All that it means is that the “prankee” gets to have a turn being the “prankster” to come up with something even bigger and better.  Florie says, “My roommate tried multiple times to ‘get me back’ but never quite succeeded the way we did.  She still gets emotional when we bring it up today, over a year later.”

            This is just one example of how students enjoy the atmosphere at Auburn. The ability to sit back and have a good laugh is something that can be enjoyed by all. Also, the reciprocation that follows is just as equally as enjoyable.

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