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Students Search for Alternative Weekend Plans

Withthe excitement of a great football season and a new school year, Auburn University students rarely find themselves at a loss for things to do during the cool fall months. But when the celebration of our religious sport has died down, when the thirty-fourth straight trip to SkyBar finally begins to weigh on us, Auburn begins to take it’s truer form: a small, quiet town.
In an attempt to break out of the regular weekend routine, many students often look to other surrounding cities for a fresh new look on nightlife.
Approximately one hundred miles north of Auburn lies the ever-bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia.
Atlanta, with a population of 540,000 people, hundreds of restaurants and a downtown area greater than the size of Auburn’s campus makes it a common destination for Auburn students looking to get out for a night. Close enough to drive there an back in an afternoon, yet far enough away to give it the feel of a mini road trip.
On her third trip to Atlanta this year, Auburn Senior Whitney Tapp, 22, loves the chance to visit somewhere different in the city each time.
“You never run out of different restaurants to try or bars to hang out at - you can make it a whole new experience every time you come.” Tapp says. On this Friday night, she finds herself in the upscale bar Elevation, nestled by the airport, overlooking the runway.
“It only took about an hour and forty-five minutes to get here,” Tapp says. “But that doesn't seem too far for a great night out with friends and an incredible view.”
Along with Elevation includes a trip to Guston’s, a local sports bar and grill, with this night in particular featuring karaoke singing. The assortment of guests ranges from the college-aged crowd to middle-aged townies: a diverse group not usually found in the Auburn downtown life.
“This place has more of the laid back vibe that I love about Auburn,” says Tapp. “ But without the fear of running into someone you don’t feel like running into.”
As the night ends, it’s time to make the Interstate 85 trek back to Auburn. However, the time change adding an hour back to the dashboard clock on the drive home feels more like a gift, a free hour given to use at your disposal in an exciting city.
It’s no wonder so many Auburn University students choose to make the trip.

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