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With spring semester reaching the half way point, students are deciding on their summer plans. Registration for the summer semester began on March 2nd, so students are making some big decisions. Many choose to head home for the semester and relax without a worry in the world. On the other hand, it is becoming more common for students to stay in Auburn and take classes. 


Auburn University offers many options for taking summer classes. The full 10-week semester starts May 19th and ends August 3rd. There are two mini-semesters offered, which are both five weeks long. The first mini-semester starts on May 19th and ends on June 25th. The second mini-semester starts June 27th and ends August 3rd. 


As you can see, students are given options when it comes to choosing which route they want to take regarding summer classes. Summer classes are beneficial because there are smaller class settings, graduation day is reached more quickly, and 12-month leases for apartments and housing are utilized. Another benefit is that since many students move home for the summer, it opens job opportunities that were not available in the normal school year. Students can work, attend school, and hang out by the pool all in one summer. 


Although there are no football games taking place in the summer, there are other events taking place on the Plains. Many students enjoy spending time by the pool in Auburn during the hot summer days. Going to school during the summer semester creates the best of both worlds because students are attending classes, while enjoying the sun during their off time. Studying while at the pool is a relaxing way to retain the information learned in class. Auburn University also hosts over 100 Summer Youth Programs. This is a wonderful way for students to get involved and help youth in a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. 


Another benefit of taking classes during the summer semester is that students rarely have trouble finding a seat at the library. As many Auburn students know, the library can become a popular place to study during the normal school year. The Tiger Transit continues to operate during the summer, so making it to class is not an issue for students. As we all know that parking has turned into quite the battle during fall and spring semesters. No need to worry about that issue during summer though, because parking is readily available, without the countless loops through C zone to find an open spot. 


Before making the rash decision to take the fast track home for the summer, consider all your options. As you have read, summers in Auburn really aren't that bad after all. 




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