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Alabama may be the defending BCS champs, but the Tide can't quite hold a candle to Auburn in terms of tailgating. How crazy is it in Auburn? On game days...the stadium becomes Alabama's fifth-largest city. Fans arrive as early as Thursday...mile upon mile of RVs/campers line the road...beautiful people roam everywhere and echoes of 'War Eagle' fill the air. It's Southern eye-candy. (Source: Fox Sports)

That was what Fox Sports Top Tailgating had to say about tailgating in Auburn. It's no shocker that tailgating on the plains is among the best in the country. Between the good food, good drinks, and good company, it's hard to beat game day in Auburn.

Thomas Coleman, a senior at Auburn, believes that Auburn is the best place to tailgate in the country. "I honestly can't imagine another place I would rather be on a Saturday than Auburn, AL," Coleman said.

"The southern hospitality that is shown in Auburn never ceases to amaze me," he said. "While walking through a crowd, even if you don't know anyone around, you know you are among family because everyone around you loves Auburn as much as you do."

A typical Auburn tailgate begins as early as Friday morning. Students and other fans come out of the wood work early to claim their ultimate tailgate spot. Tents are set up and food orders are made to ensure that everything is perfect for game day.

Charles Milner, a senior at Auburn, believes that finding the ultimate spot and filling your tent with food and drinks, is the key to a successful tailgate. "We usually set up a grill and fill tables with dips and appetizers," Milner said .

"Tailgating in the amphitheater is the best place to meet up with friends and set up a bunch of tents in one area."

The amphitheater has become a popular spot for students. The band comes in and plays in the middle of the day which boosts the spirit of the crowd.

Coleman says that aside from food, drinks, and friends, another key aspect of a successful tailgate is a television. "If big games are on, it's perfect if the tailgate has a tv," Coleman said.

If setting up your own tailgate isn't in the cards for you, try The Tailgate Guys. The Tailgate guys reserve a tent on the campus green for fans. They also provide food, drinks, chairs and a television. The prices go up depending on how much food and drink you need and how big your tent is.

Whether you set up your own tailgate, or have someone set it up for you, or even tailgate hop across campus, you're sure to be changed forever when participating in activities on a game day in Auburn

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