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College is like a fountain of knowledge - and the students are there to drink. So who’s thirsty for knowledge? With more than 380 on-campus organizations, Auburn’s student programs offer each individual a world beyond the classroom. Organizations offer opportunities for students to give their time and energy to part of something bigger than themselves.

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Efforts getting involved will take hard work, but will be sure to enrich campus life, providing a priceless gift of expanding your passion into extracurricular.

A young woman who knows much enthusiasm towards pursuing her passion is Huntsville native, Neena Singhal. Currently as a junior, she is the Director of Student Organizational Programs and knows what it takes to have commitment.

Last year Singhal was the Assistant Director of Organizational Programs, and deservingly so, conquered head Director the following year. Her plans to continue conducting the chaos will end for her senior year, as her academic load next fall becomes priority. “I feel that it is best for me to move on to something else and open this great position up to someone else for a different take on things,” she explains.

Nonetheless, uniting forces between extracurricular and academia is achievable.

Singhal notes the challenges faced when spreading youself too thin amongst organizations and academic responsibilities, however the payoff is worth the effort. She confidently reassures by saying, “I would just encourage people to actually look into what is out there and get involved because there are way more organizations then you could think of. And you don't want to miss out on being a part of something fun because you didn't know about it.”

Joining an organization allows many passions and interests to be voiced. No matter what the idea, Auburn’s on campus organizations can help find a commonality that connects many students who unexpectedly become lifelong friends. There is an equal opportunity for any group to become an official organization, the process is very simple and open, and more info can be found at

“O-Days,” or organization days, is a great way to get involved and see what affiliations are available. Spring O-Days is just around the corner from January 31st to February 2nd. There will also be other O-Days in early September.
Becoming an active participant in whether political groups, religious gatherings, or intramural sports team will, without a doubt, greatly impact you and your connection with Auburn’s unique family fellowship.

As you grow as young scholars, being involved in student organizational programs is often teaching you about the life lessons and experiences that are needed for the everyday life which happens outside the classroom.

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