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Transfer students tend to feel alienated, not involved and “out of place” upon transferring colleges. There is an organization that originated here at Auburn that is in place to honor transfer students academic achievements as well as get them involved on campus.


Tau Sigma National Honor Society is an academic honor society designed specifically to recognize and promote academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Tau Sigma allows the enhancement of transfer student reputation and increases their visibility on campus.


Tau Sigma began in 1999 here at Auburn University and has expanded to over 80 other universities having their own chapter. Nationwide, Tau Sigma awarded 31 scholarships in 2010 totaling 27,750.


To be a member of Tau Sigma you must obtain at least a 3.5 GPA or rank among the top 20% of all new transfer students in your first term of the university you transferred to. There is an induction ceremony that confers lifetime membership as well. The most recent induction ceremony at Auburn was on April 3, 2011. At that ceremony, 92 new students were inducted reaching a total of 150 active members at Auburn.


The president of Tau Sigma’s Auburn chapter, Adam Payne, is extremely proud of his position and work with Tau Sigma. Adam says that Tau Sigma not only means the recognition of his academic work, but it means involvement on campus and in the community.


“How do I make Auburn my own?” is a question that Adam says first popped into his head upon transferring. For him, Tau Sigma answered this question as well as provided the resources to expand his involvement at Auburn.


Tau Sigma participates in multiple events such as Successfully Orienting Students (S.O.S.), Transfer Day, the Atria Prom (Senior Citizens Prom) and sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged children just to name a few.


The goals of Tau Sigma are slowly, but surely, being achieved. Adam desires to have Tau Sigma become a known organization and an outlet that transfer students can rely on for help with anything.


Events and volunteer work are also 2 things that Adam says he would like to see. The potential to do and accomplish great things is high. “That’s the reason it’s a nationally recognized organization that has been adopted on campuses nationwide,” Payne said.


The Auburn chapter also wants transfer students to realize that even if you aren’t a member, you are still important to them. “Tau Sigma is an organization for transfer students so we want to help all transfers in any way possible,” Payne said.


For further information on the Auburn chapter you can visit and for national Tau Sigma news you can visit


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