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Teaching the future generations of America is not an easy task. Karlie Bergamini, an elementary education major at Auburn University, strives to find creative ways to teach children for an easy learning experience.

Bergamini is currently in her second semester of the elementary education program at Auburn University. At this point in the program, Bergamini has to do a practicum at a local elementary school. This practicum gives her the opportunity to actually teach elementary school students every Tuesday and Thursday. Bergamini is currently doing her practicum at West Forest Intermediate School where she is teaching fifth graders. “I love having the opportunity to do a practicum because it throws me out into the ocean and gives me the chance to learn how to swim,” said Bergamini.

The core subjects that her practicum focuses on teaching are social studies, language arts and reading. Bergamini’s favorite subject to teach is social studies. “I love coming up with lessons to make social studies fun and attract all learning capabilities,” said Bergamini. “For example, I made ABC books for the American Revolution as a review before a test which helped to improve their overall test grades.”

The class that Bergamini teaches is an inclusion class so there are seven special education students and a handful of students on the verge of being special education students. “Working with special needs children is easy for me,” said Bergamini. “I have dyslexia so I can personally relate and have a connection with them.”

Auburn gives their elementary education majors a lot of experience working in schools. Working at West Forest Intermediate School has taught Bergamini so much about being a teacher. “I love my students because they appreciate the love and effort I put forth,” said Bergamini. “When they come into the classroom every morning and give me a huge hug I can tell that they mean it.”

Bergamini loves being an elementary education major at Auburn because she thinks the university alines their curriculum very well. For example, as Bergamini is teaching social studies, language arts and reading, she is also taking those classes at Auburn. These classes teach her strategies on how to teach those subjects to children for an easier learning experience.

Each level of the elementary education major has three cohorts. Each cohort consists of 25 Auburn students who follow the same curriculum. Bergamini is in cohort C which means that she will take four full semesters in the elementary education program without taking any summer classes. Another reason Bergamini loves her major is because she has become very close to the other students in her cohort. “We are together almost everyday for two years so become very close friends and we are able to bounce creative ideas off one another,” said Bergamini. 

Bergamini’s favorite memory with her cohort happened right before spring break. It was a beautiful day outside so her cohort had music class outside in front of Cater Lawn. They spent class time playing their ukuleles and enjoying each other’s company. “I loved that class because it showed that not only are we learning how to make school fun, but our professors also know how to make learning fun for us too,” said Bergamini.

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