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Ten Things I've Learned During My Time as a Student at Auburn University

As my last semester of classes comes to a close, it is fun to look back on my time spent at this wonderful university and think about all I have learned. Don’t get me wrong, all the classes I’ve taken and the professional experience I’ve gained are important, but sometimes you learn a few extra things along the way.

1. Aubie is everyone’s favorite.
No matter if it is your first time seeing Aubie or your 100th, chances are you will revert to a 5-year-old, giddy with excitement. No shame. Aubie is the best around!

2. The Haley Center was actually a deleted scene from the movie “Inception.”
Got a class in Haley? My suggestion is to go early on your first day, scope out ONE route and stick with it. Even as a senior, I don’t dare try and change my route once I’ve picked it. If you take a risk and change it, you’re likely to experience confusion. And tardiness.

3. Auburn football games will probably take 10 years off your life.
I mean, what fun is football if every game is a blowout? Boring! Well, with Auburn football, you’ll never have to worry about a dull game! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tigers, and I will love them win or lose, but sometimes the games get a tad too exciting for comfort.

4. Trampled hedges have much more character than nicely kept hedges.
Move over, Georgia. I know you pride yourself on your pristine hedges, but behold the sight of the trampled bushes lining the Auburn student section. It’s something uniquely beautiful, and serves as a glorious reminder that we were alive to see what was arguably the best football game EVER. Just take a second and see for yourself.

5. Walking past Samford guarantees a swelling sense of pride every time.
Ever just walk past Samford and think, Oh my gosh, I love this school. How am I so lucky to attend this place?? Auburn’s campus is incredibly beautiful. If you’ve never taken the time to appreciate the beauty, try a stroll in front of Samford on a nice day. Just spend a moment soaking in the atmosphere. You won't regret it. I won’t lie, I’ve probably shed a happy tear or two in front of Samford as my time as an Auburn student comes to a close.

6. An entire corner/street covered in toilet paper is just as magical as a white Christmas.
I’m dreaming of a white…corner covered in toilet paper. Rolling Toomer’s Corner is one of the most unique traditions around. It’s such an incredible experience to come together with thousands of your closest friends and toss up your roll of toilet paper. Even when He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named committed the unspeakable act against our trees, we didn’t let that dampen our spirits! After a win, the corner is still covered all in white, with or without trees. It almost makes you want to lie down and make a faux-snow angel. Almost.

7. Toomer’s Lemonade will ruin you for any other lemonade.
One sip of this lemonade and you can’t turn back. It’s going to be the lemonade you compare all other lemonades to, no matter where you are. The fresh taste can’t be beat. I would gladly drink it every day, and die happy with a sugar high.

8. “War Eagle” has a much deeper meaning than one might think.
I’ve learned that War Eagle is much more than our battle cry. It’s an exclamation. It’s a greeting. It’s a symbol. Most importantly, it’s a reminder than we are all connected to the Auburn Family, no matter how far from Auburn we may go. That’s a pretty good feeling.

9. God’s an Auburn Fan.
I’d be willing to bet money there is no place on earth that has more vibrant sunsets than Auburn, Ala. There’s just something about the way the orange and blue is painted over the Plains every evening, creating a stunning horizon each time.

10. Auburn becomes home.
On the night my parents drove away and left me at college my freshman year, my dad told me that one day, Auburn would become home to me. Of course I didn’t believe him. However, I now realize he was right. I love everything about this small town and incredible university. I am forever indebted to Auburn for teaching me more about myself than I ever knew, introducing me to the most incredible people and giving me an education with a bright future ahead. I know I am going to miss this place so much, but I know it will always be there to welcome me back.

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