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An Auburn football game day is full of traditions, from Tiger Walk to the eagle flying around the stadium, but one of the easiest traditions to spot is the group of ladies in sequins performing in Jordan-Hare.

These ladies are the Majorettes, Danceline, and Flag Line, together as a collective group known as the Tiger Eyes. They perform with the Auburn University Marching Band at all home football games, a handful of away games, and all championship game. They also do many pep rallies and appearances throughout the community.

On the field, each line has a specific role, contributing to the overall image of the marching band.

Fourteen women make up the Auburn Majorette Line. They focus on fluidity, presence, consistency, and energy while perfecting spins and tosses with one, two, or sometimes three batons.

The Danceline performs a show-stopping blend of jazz, high-kick, and precision and drill. The 14 members of the team all possess incredible technique, talent and showmanship.

The Flag Line is made up of 26 women skilled in marching band style spinning, as well as oversized flags, swing flags, rifles, sabers, and many other props.

This is a big year for the Tiger Eyes. The group was created in 2005, making this the 10-year anniversary. The Majorette line was established in 1946 and the Flag Line came to the plains in 1985, but 10 years ago the Danceline was added and the three lines joined to make one cohesive group.

In the 10 years the Tiger Eyes have been around, they have developed traditions of their own. Each line still performs the original routines choreographed for the songs War Eagle and Glory.

Tiger Eyes alumni go on to do a variety of things after graduating. Some even come back home. All four of the Tiger Eyes instructors were members of one of the lines in the past. Tiger Eyes coordinator, Kristina Cammack Swinson was on the Flag Line, along with Flag Line instructors Kimberly Stewart and Ellen Haynes. Megan Schaffner, Danceline and Majorette instructor was a member of the Majorette Line.

Alumni come back to perform with the Tiger Eyes at the Auburn Alumni Band Reunion each year. This year the reunion will take place at the football game on Oct. 3, 2015 when Auburn plays San Jose State.

"I'm really excited, this will be my first year to come back and perform as an alum," said Summer Wales, 2014-1015 Danceline Captain. "It was always fun to hear the older girls share memories from their years on the lines."

While still a young program in the grand scheme of things, the Tiger Eyes have done great things and made a huge impact on campus as well as in the Auburn community. There is still so much room for growth.

"Each year the Tiger Eyes grow bigger and better," said Swinson. "We hope to continue this growth in the future years."

If interested in becoming a Tiger Eye, visit their auditions website or contact one of the instructors.

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