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Tennessee Brings Us Freshman Kelly Tsaltas

Kelly Tsaltas is a freshman at Auburn with a lot on her plate. Originally from Tennessee, she is double majoring in Journalism and Psychology, and is very interested in journalism. You may recognize this freshman from a recent controversial article she wrote for The Plainsman, but even if you disagree with her views we can all agree that this girl has a lot going for her. Recently Kelly and I spoke a little bit about what it’s like to be a freshman at Auburn. Here’s what she had to say.

1. What were your first impressions of Auburn when you came for your first visit and how did that feeling have an impact on your college decision?

Well to be quite honest with you, when I first came here I was in love with University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Not that I didn’t like Auburn, but I at first was not very interested in going here. When I didn’t get in to UNC I realized that this was my next best option, and I have not regretted it yet!

2. Do you have any previous ties to Auburn University that may have influenced you decision to come here?

Not at all, I knew I wanted to go out of state, but I did not know anyone that had ever been to school here. After being here though I feel like I have been an Auburn fan my whole life.

3. What is your current major, did you have any trouble choosing a major, and do you think you will continue with this major through graduation?

I’m double majoring in Journalism and Psychology, and no I knew what I wanted to do from the beginning. I definitely will continue with these majors through graduation, I find them very interesting.

4. How do you feel about the meal plan that has been implemented for incoming students, for both on and off campus students?

I like it very much it makes it very convenient for me since I live on campus. I have heard a few people complain about it, but last semester I used all of my funds. I don’t really know what it was like before the meal plan, so I guess I don’t really know how different it would be. There are so many choices that I use it all the time.

5. What has been your hardest college class so far?

Oh that is an easy one, definitely this algebra and trigonometry class that I took online last semester. I’m not great at math anyway, but taking it online was probably the worst thing I could have done. I passed it, but I will probably not take any online classes again.

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