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Movies have created entertainment for more than 100 years. New stories, new perspectives and new characters keep moviegoers interested. However, there has been a recent phenomenon that is keeping the “new” aspect to a minimum.

The recent phenomenon includes a pair of recyclable eye glasses and a ticket stub, but it’s not necessarily anything new. Instead of only introducing new story lines, movies are also being re-released with a new three-dimensional aspect. 

Originally released in 2002, Finding Nemo has hit the box office once again. After receiving record-breaking numbers when it was first on the big screen, is this ocean adventure attracting an entirely new generation of fans? 

Cassie Coles and Lindsey Smith are two seniors at Auburn University. After speaking with them about the 3D hype, they shared their personal opinions.

“I think that most of the 3D movies is just the same audience that liked it before and they’re just going to go see it again because they liked it and they want to see maybe what the difference is in 3D if there is one,” Coles said.

Although nothing about the story, colors, characters or sound of the movie has changed,  Finding Nemo 3D has been successful since the September 14 opening. 

The three-dimensional hype is not for everyone though and some movie buffs are far from impressed. 

“I’ve seen two movies in 3D and I personally didn’t really think it was worth paying the extra money to see it,” Coles said. “I mean some parts were cool, but it wasn’t worth it to spend as much money I’d rather just see it normally and save money.”

Others are impressed by the graphics, but still find that the extra expense is unnecessary. 

“I’ve seen one movie in 3D recently,” said Smith. “It was pretty fun just because of the graphics, but it probably wasn’t really worth the expense of it in the end.” 

Although 3D films have existed in some form since before 1920, the hype returned in the early 2000’s. Television sets are now being released in 3D form complete with a few pair of plastic glasses for the home. However, some believe all this hype over the third dimension will soon be over.

“I think it’ll probably die out soon just because of the extra expense,” said Smith. 

Not only are movie tickets more expensive for 3D movies, but the filming process also takes on extra expenses for specific equipment. Regardless of whether or not the phenomenon will soon come to an end, Auburn locals can catch Finding Nemo 3D in theaters now at Carmike Cinema.

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