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Even though winter in Alabama is nothing compared to a northern winter, its residents are not conditioned to withstand even the faintest of cold weather. We are all ready for it to be over by the time February rolls around. However, an Alabama spring is not for the weak of heart.

1. Pure ecstasy


This is the very first day of warmth after a winter of hibernation. The sky is blue, there is not a cloud in sight and you swear birds are singing your name. You relish putting on a t-shirt and shorts no matter how blinding your legs might be. Ladies, you shave for the first time since you don’t remember when. It is time to gather all the friends you can find to take part in every outdoor activity you can fit into 12 hours because next comes…

2. Disappointment

1st anger.gif

You roll out of bed the next day ready for sunshine and butterflies, yet what greets you when you step outside? Cold rain. It is at least 20 degrees below the temperature of the day before and a freezing mist descends from the sky sideways, so there is no escape...not even under the widest awning. Clever rain. You somehow made it to campus with no raincoat or umbrella and get to trudge from class to class, eyes squinted and head down.


3. Hesitant happiness

subdued excitement.gif

Finally, after a couple weeks of extended torture, you again awaken to a day sent from heaven above. This time you cherish the sunny warmth even more because you know how fleeting it might be. However, you still hold onto hope that this might be it. This might be the start of something new, the dawn of a new era...

4. Anger

2nd anger.gif

How could you have been so trusting?! Just because the last warm front lasted more than one day does not mean you are home free! Never will you make that mistake again. You find yourself staring at the sky, asking it, “Why? Just, why?” You resentfully call it a tease, and no one questions you for talking to the sky because they are all thinking the same thing. At least this time you bring a coat to campus so you don’t have to brave the frigid air alone.

Repeat steps 1-4 until finally...

5. Confusion


One warm day follows the next until you realize it is blazing hot and you missed spring entirely. What?

Next spring you’ll be more prepared. (ha)

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