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Once upon a time there was a monkey who wanted to be part of the Auburn family and be “ALL IN.”
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Weagle is the official sock-monkey of Auburn Athletics, and
has been given a special opportunity. Being part of the Auburn family is something special that isn’t always easy. It means standing behind a team of coaches, players, Olympic participants, and being there for each member of the Auburn family.
“Weagle goes everywhere,” said Haley Bagwell, PR
intern for Auburn Athletics.

Weagle’s first debut was made during
the 2012 Summer Olympics. The athletic department wanted to have Auburn represented in some bold way. It started out as a flag being sent with a student who would be attending the Olympics, but was later changed to a character that could attend the events.

Pictures were taken of Weagle at different places in London and sent back to Bagwell, who put together the stories to accompany Weagle’s pictures.

Weagle has since returned to Auburn and attends as many athletic events as possible.

According to a post from the Auburn Athletics’ Facebook page, Weagle’s latest adventure was going to the Memphis Zoo this past weekend for a visit.

“This weekend Weagle reunited with his long-lost family at the Primate Canyon at the Memphis Zoo. Weagle had been looking forward to monkeying around with his family members, but his ornery uncle, Gus the gorilla, was not having Weagle’s wild ways, and Otis the orangutan, his cousin, was having
a bad day and spent most of it by himself. So, Weagle found the Macaque monkey brothers.
The Macaque brothers decided the best way to honor Weagle’s visit from Auburn was to sneak out of the reunion to visit the tiger a few lots down. They swung into the den and caught the attention of the ferocious tiger! Unlike Aubie, this tiger seemed a little scary, so the monkeys jumped out of the cage, but so did the tiger. The zookeeper witnessed all the commotion and was
able to wrangle the tiger safely back into his area. Needless to say, the family reunion came to a quick halt, and Weagle was asked to say goodbye to his relatives at the Memphis Zoo. Mischievousness must run in the family!”

You never know what that silly Weagle will be up to. His heart for Auburn is huge, and he is
always willing to lend a helping hand,
as he did for the morning football game against Arkansas.
Weagle assisted in distributing

Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits to the students who were in line eagerly waiting for the gates to open.

On gameday in Auburn, you never know what will be going on or who will show up.

Weagle can be requested to stop by and visit your tailgate on his way to the game.

Make sure you check out the
Auburn Athletics Facebook page so that you can follow Weagle and his adventures.


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