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The AU European Adventure according to Gilda Osborn

Hello again, undefeated Auburnites. Can I get a War Eagle?? 

This weekend was a whirlwind of surprises in what proved to be victorious for our beloved football team. Here's to hoping they stick with their winning streak in the weeks to come. 

When thinking of the subject for my second blogpost (ever), I thought giving you all a little sample of the 2013 AU Grad Trip would be perfect. I chose to interview a previous attendee and personal friend of mine, Gilda Osborn. This lovely lady illustrates her personal experiences from the trip for everyone hankering for more. They are short and sweet, so take a minute to learn a thing or two about the Auburn European Grad Trip. If you want more info, feel free to attend my first information session this Tuesday, September 17 from 4-5pm in Student Center Room 2310A. Not to spoil the surprise, but I have some goodies for those who attend...there might even be cookies. Enjoy!! 

1. Why did you choose the 2013 Auburn European Grad Trip over other travel programs offered?

-- I chose the 2013 Auburn European Grad Trip because of the wide variety of countries that we visited. I loved that I was able to experience several different cultures while on the tour. The itinerary included several different activities that were extremely appealing to me. One of my favorite parts of the trip was that we were given several free days so that we could explore on our own.

2. What was your favorite destination on the trip and why?

-- My favorite destination was Rome, Italy. I had the opportunity to see so many well-known artifacts, such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Also being able to visit Vatican City was absolutely amazing. It was incredible to be able to exit the subway and have the Colosseum right in front of you. I was also able to see the Sistine Chapel, and that was a breath-taking experience in itself. One major reason why I loved Rome so much was because of the incredible food.

3. Briefly describe your favorite memory from the trip.

-- My favorite memory from the trip was definitely the cruise down the Seine River that took place during our first night in Paris. We toured with Ohio State, and that was the moment that all of us became very close. Everyone drank wine, and it was absolutely amazing cruising down the river with the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the distance. I wish that the cruise could have lasted all night. It is definitely a memory that I will remember forever.

4. How was the trip beneficial to you personally?

-- The trip was beneficial to me personally because I made some close friendships that I know will last a lifetime. There is a group of us, from both Auburn and Ohio State, who keep in contact almost daily. Also, the trip opened my eyes to so many different cultures that I would have otherwise not been able to experience. The trip also made me appreciate European history much more.

5. Was the 6-day extension to Greece worth the price?

-- The 6-day extension to Greece was absolutely worth the price. Our time in Greece was a perfect ending to the trip. We were able to relax on the beach, ride bikes along the Aegean Sea, and even go tubing or parasailing if we chose to do so. It was incredible being able to look out of our window and see such beauty. The view from our hotel in Athens, which was our last night, was absolutely incredible. We could access the roof, and in the distance was the Acropolis.

6. Would you recommend the AU Grad Trip to prospective students? Why/why not?

-- I would definitely recommend the AU Grad Trip to prospective students. The memories and friends that I made on the trip are ones that are for the books. The trip has been one of my main topics of conversation with everyone whom I come into contact with. We were able to experience so much since we traveled from London to Greece in a matter of two weeks. Everything from the friends that I made to the food, hotels, nightlife, and atmosphere made the trip so memorable. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Special thanks to Gilda for letting me interview her and use her responses.

Ciao belle,


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