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The Auburn Acronym: What Does A-U-B-U-R-N Mean to You?



A is for All Auburn, All in. The Auburn Family is a community that stretches globally. I’ve been greeted with a warm “War Eagle” in Hawaii, Italy, Canada and of course, Pasadena, Calif. Auburn University is home to students from more than 80 different nations. More than 1,000 international students join the Auburn Family each year. English may be a second language to some of Auburn’s students, but “War Eagle” means the same thing in every language.


The U in Auburn is for University. While many things learned in college often happen outside of the classroom, we are an accredited university, nonetheless. With more than 140 majors, Auburn is recognized as a prestigious university with varied academic programs and a wide range of curriculums. The university boasts 15 different schools and colleges and will soon open a medical school. The osteopathic medical school is on track to open its doors in 2015.


B is for Beat Bama. We all hate the Crimson Tide, but don’t we love to hate it? And we came to their side after the tragic aftermath of the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Ala. in 2011. The rivalry is deep, but it brings us great events like the Iron Bowl and the Beat Bama Food Drive. Auburn embraces tradition and the Roll Tide, War Eagle rivalry is one of our greatest traditions. Let’s pause for a moment of silence, or even just a second in remembrance of the 2013 Iron Bowl.


U is for Under Armour. Auburn Athletics has embraced Under Armour as the official uniform department-wide. With two national championships under our football team’s belt, this isn’t our only area of expertise. The Auburn swim team and equestrian teams have both earned victories in national championships. With Aubie’s recent win, the university has a total of eight national championship titles. (And these are real titles, not ones we “claim,” cough, cough Alabama).


R is for Rolling Toomer’s. Although there are no longer oaks for us to roll after a victory, it is a tradition that will live in infamy. Unfortunately the original oaks are gone, may they rest in peace, we still have found other places to put that four-ply Auburn Victory snow – let it serve as caution tape for future opponents.


N is for Nova. Nova is one of the eagles that flies around the stadium prior to kick off at every home game. Nova may not be as lovable and friendly as Aubie, but the bird is still an Auburn icon.

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