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The Auburn Barbell Club provides a Unique Workout

“I like the retro atmosphere and the warehouse style, it kinda reminds you of a Rocky Balboa type gym," said Auburn Barbell member Rob Lagen. 

The Auburn Barbell Club is a gym located in a Lee County warehouse, off Beehive road. It has a variety of equipment according to Lagen. 

The Gym has an Olympic flavor

The club has the more traditional gym gear such as bench press, squat machines, and dumbbells. But Auburn Barbell also provides a unique equipment such as climbable rope swings, a muscle-up bar, and equipment geared more toward Olympic lifts.

“Over time we’ve accumulated so much equipment, but there’s something for everyone,” said Daniel Bagley, manager of the Auburn Barbell Club.

World's Strongest Man

Some of the equipment at Auburn Barbell Club was donated by Bill Kazmaier’s, who is a former world champion powerlifter and professional wrestler.

“Kazmaer trained my brother Will. Kazmaer is an Auburn celebrity," said Daniel Bagley. 

Will Bagley was one of the founders of the club in 2010. After Will and some of the founders graduated, Daniel became the manager of the club in March. 

Several members compete in events.

“There’s cross fit, powerlifting, strongman, and Olympic weightlifting competitors here. And then we actually have a semi-pro football player, said Bagley.(Photo Above Taken By Jake LeGrone)

They have had a few locations. They were in Opelika off Peppermill road last year and in January moved to the new location off Beehive. They rent the property.

“There’s more room for activities now, said Auburn Barbell member Alex Fleming.

Some of the activities the club has held in the past include the "Barbell-cue". At the "Barbell-cue" they have a max dead lift competition along with barbecue on Memorial Day.

“Everyone I have met there has been super friendly, and seemed like they all enjoy exercising and working out, and encouraging one another,” said Lagen.

According to Fleming, they like to "jam out". 

"They have loud speakers where you can plug your phone in, it's cool," said Lagen.

There are 20 members in the club according to Daniel Bagley. It costs 25 dollars to join, but you have to be accepted in.

“We like the exclusivity of it, we don’t want a whole bunch of people here,” said Daniel Bagley.

Many of the members bring different areas of expertise they bring with them. (Alex Fleming squatting. Photo was taken by Jake LeGrone)

“We have a pool of people who all bring their own knowledge to things. Alex is really good with kinesiology. He brings a lot of knowledge about kinesiology and muscles”, said Daniel Bagley.

However, there are downsides to the gym. There is no air conditioning and heat, except for some fans and a few space heaters. 

"At night when it's cold, those barbells, man it's brutal," said Fleming.

The motto of the Auburn Barbell club is "fight, not flight." 

"For me when I think of fight, not flight, no one really wants to put themselves through a ton of pain, but you kind of go into it knowing you have to fight through this to make yourself better," said Bagley. 

For more information contact Daniel Bagley at or follow Auburn Barbell Club on Facebook.  

In case you're wondering about the lore of Bill "Kaz" Kazmaier, this video will help you understand his remarkable life.

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