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To be honest, when I decided to attend Auburn University, I wasn’t completely sure I had chosen the right school. When I visited the campus, I immediately thought about how beautiful it was, and when I talked to people they seemed genuinely nice, but I still wasn’t 100% convinced Auburn was the right school for me.

The Revelation

It wasn’t until I went to Camp War Eagle where I decided this is the right school for me. Although I knew a couple people that went to Auburn from my old school, I was still nervous about making friends, but I met the very people I hang out with today at Camp War Eagle. People really did act like the way they act while I was touring. The day I felt I was a true war eagle was the day of the Auburn Georgia football game. I remember giving away my ticket, (the dumbest decision of my life), and watching the game with a few friends from my apartment. That moment when Nick Marshall threw that last game-winning pass to Ricardo Louis, I felt my heart drop to my stomach and was paralyzed to my sit. That moment when he caught the ball I screamed louder than I’ve ever screamed in my life. Words can’t describe the amount of excitement I felt sprinting full speed from my apartment to downtown to continue the tradition of Rolling Toomer’s Corner. I remember being in Camp War Eagle going through all of the Auburn chants thinking, “Man this so corny. I’m never going to say any of these.” On that day, I couldn’t have been any prouder than to go through every single one of the chants that were taught in CWE.  At that moment, I knew i decided to attend the right school.

It’s not just the games that I love though, it’s also the amount of school spirit that Auburn has.  Although the games are a blast, Auburn football wouldn’t be the reason I would come here if I had to choose my college all over again. I would choose Auburn because of the feeling of one big giant family that the school gives off. The community feel of the school is so comforting, that it gives the feeling that you can approach anyone and immediately become best friends with them. Auburn is by far one if not the best schools to go to, hands down and WAR EAGLE!!!!

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