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The Auburn Memorial Campaign #ThisMatters

Earlier this year, SGA Executives introduced a new initiative to the Auburn family - the plans for the Auburn Memorial Project.

The memorial campaign’s mission is to honor all passed Auburn men and women through a permanent site of remembrance unified by a monument of the Auburn creed. The site will serve as a peaceful place for students and the Auburn family to go to during a time to grieve and remember those that they have lost.

Kohl Weir, co-chairman of the Auburn Memorial Campaign, points that Auburn University provides the Auburn Family with many utilities, but he says one thing we lack is a true memorial site on campus. “The Auburn memorial will enhance our campus and serve the Auburn community for generations to come,” Weir said.

The site of the memorial will take up 4.25 acres on campus where the Garden of Memory across from the President’s Mansion currently is. That site will be renovated to create a quiet and peaceful environment for reflection.

The proposed plan includes seven pillars that represent seven traits of the Auburn Creed that will serve as lasting reminders of the characteristics that the Auburn Family member embodied.

The budget for the project is estimated at $1.25 million, with approximately $1 million already raised. With the help of Development and on-campus leaders, the campaign will focus on encouraging the student body to fund the remaining $250,000.

“Students, faculty, alumni, and friends are encouraged to be an integral part of this endearing project through our giving campaign, championed by student leadership,” Weir said.


On Wednesday, October 21st, an open forum will be held for the general student body, public, administrators, and other university partners to come and hear a presentation from SGA Executives and the Facilities Division on the plans for the Auburn Memorial.

The forum will be moderated by Associate Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs Bobby Woodard, followed by time for questions and comments. It will be held in the Auburn University Student Center room 2227 at 6:00 p.m. All members of the campus community and Auburn family are encouraged to attend.

To learn more about this initiative and contribute to the donations, you can visit and follow @the_auburnmemorial on Instagram for updates. 

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