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The Auburn Spikettes race onto Auburn’s campus

Auburn University is home to many clubs and athletics, but until recently, one in particular has flown under the radar: The Auburn Spikettes.

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The Spikettes are the hostesses of the Auburn University track and field team and are looking for members to kick off the new school year.

The sudden interest in Spikettes can partially be credited to the new president, Lynn Fogel.

“I think the hardest part about raising awareness for the Spikettes is that people don’t think we’re involved with the track team,” Fogel said.

In fact, according to Fogel, most people tend to associate the club with Auburn’s volleyball team.

However, the name “Spikettes” is a take on the spikes the track and field team members insert into their shoes to help them with better traction while running.

As the new president, Fogel is set on having the girls be more interactive with the track team.

“We’re definitely going to be more on top of things,” she said. “This year, each girl will get a track pal.”

Track pals allows each member of Spikettes to spend time throughout the year with a track and field member they are paired up with, as well as help with sign-ins at the track meets.

Alexandra Delong, chairwoman of fundraising for the Auburn Spikettes, is excited about track pals and the upcoming events planned to support the team.

“During the year, the Spikettes have socials and get to know the track team and the coaches. When the season starts up, we’ll go to the home track meets, as well as go to the opening track meet in Birmingham,” Delong said.

According to Delong, the experience of being a Spikette has been nothing but positive.

“It’s a lot of fun! It doesn’t interfere with my school work and is something I get to put on my resume,” Delong said.

The Spikettes will also help with the ODK Cake Race during homecoming week, an event that has been an Auburn tradition since 1928.

“It’s really all about events like this. You really feel like you’re involved in something meaningful,” Delong said.

Kelly Tousignant, a current hopeful for the Spikettes, is excited about the possibility of making it into the club.

“A few of my friends are in it, and I’ve heard it’s a great way to get involved on campus, even if you don’t have any previous experience with track and field,” Tousignant said.

Interviews to join the Spikettes continue throughout the week of Sept. 10. If you are interested in joining you can contact Alexandra Delong at

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