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Most high school students envision going to their idea of a perfect university. Many times this includes great academics with a wide variety of activities and organizations that students can be involved in. College is often described as one of the best times in a person’s life. Whether students are embarking on new experiences, meeting new friends or learning valuable information, the benefits are truly endless.

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Auburn University has been ranked in the nation’s top 50 public universities for 18 consecutive years. It is undoubtedly considered to be a prestigious university by many, and most students consider it to be the best of the best. However, it is important to remember that nothing is perfect. Improvements can always be made, and changes should be implemented regularly to ensure that Auburn is the best it can be.

“Auburn University is unquestionably a profound institution, but like every college, they could make some changes,” said Alison McFerrin, Auburn University senior.

A universal problem that affects numerous college campuses is student parking, and Auburn is not excluded. Parking is the primary problem students continuously complain about on Auburn University’s campus.

“Parking has been an issue on campus since my freshmen year, and although improvements have been made, there is still not a sufficient amount of parking spots,” said Ashley Smithson, Auburn University senior.

It is no surprise that Auburn has a limited amount of parking. Students can be seen driving around for long periods of time to find a single parking space.

This topic also angers students for another reason. The university receives a high amount of revenue from not only the cost of permits, but also from parking tickets.

“There has been times I have parked illegally solely because I could not find a parking space,” Smithson said. “I just don’t think students should be punished for something that is out of our control.”

Although this topic ignites controversy among students, Auburn has taken measures to improve the problem. They recently added a public parking deck; however, improvements still must be made.

A topic that is also commonly debated on Auburn University’s campus is the required dining plan. Students who reside in on campus residence halls are required to spend a minimum of $995 at on campus dining venues. Students who live off campus must spend at least $300. Students feel it is unfair primarily because if they do not use the entire amount it is reverted back to the university. All students may not approve of the meal plan, but many remain optimistic.

“The meals are too expensive for my liking, but Auburn’s Student Union really does offer great food and classic favorites such as Starbucks and Chick-fil-A,” said McFerrin.

Although Auburn University has some problems that could be improved, the benefits unquestionably outweigh the bad.

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Comment by Darryl Touchet on February 13, 2012 at 10:34pm

Wait a minute, does that mean i have 300 dollars on my card for meals?  I did not know this.  Can someone confirm this?

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