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When most think of a “barre,” what does not come to mind is an intense workout. However, Pure Barre of Auburn serves up just that.
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According to, “Pure Barre was founded by dancer, choreographer and fitness guru, Carrie Rezabek Dorr. Carrie opened her first studio in the basement of an office building in Birmingham, MI in 2001.” Since then it’s been growing at a rapid pace across the country and now has more than 100 locations nationwide.

Pure Barre in Auburn began in January 2011 thanks to two sisters who fell in love with the workout because of their experience at the Birmingham franchise.

“The reason I got involved was because of my sister, Courtney Roberts,” said Kelly Shuman, co-owner of Pure Barre in Auburn. “She called me and told me about this great workout she had done and told me about how challenging it was. So the next time I went to visit her, I tried a class and we both decided that Auburn needed to experience this amazing technique.”

Pure Barre is a total body workout that utilizes a ballet barre, a ball, a mat and a tube to perform small, isometric exercises to lift, shape and tone your body. Though a dancer started the company and the workout, it is not limited to dancers. All ages and fitness level are welcome.

“The reason why people really enjoy coming to Pure Barre is that it is their time to just zone out,” said Shuman. “It is your time to think about making that connection with mind to body. The class is 55 minutes, so you are done in less than hour, and it is the safest, fastest and most effective way to change your body.”

Pamela Sanasith, head instructor at Pure Barre, is a former gymnast who had a similar experience as Shuman with her first Pure Barre class.

“I got involved with Pure Barre before our grand opening,” said Sanasith. “Kelly (Shuman) introduced me to it, and we took a class in Birmingham. I really liked it after that and was really interested in being an instructor.”

It is a workout that is tailored for a woman’s body though men are encouraged to attend.

“It is a very low impact workout,” said Shuman. “This workout uses very light weights - two, three or five pounds - and the resistance of your body weight, so it is really something women want. We focus on lengthening your muscles instead of bulking them up, which is desirable for most women in achieving the body type they want.”

More information, testimonials, locations and other such information is available online at

“The website gives additional gives additional information on the technique, but we encourage people to come try a class and get that first hand experience about what it can do for them,” said Shuman. “The first class is free for local students and residents. Current clients love to share their enthusiasm for the technique and how it’s working. Pure Barre Auburn offers classes seven days a week, so sign up today to see for yourself what this workout is all about.”

You can sign up for classes online by going to and locating the Auburn location, or you can call the Auburn location at 334.887.0007 and they can get you signed up for your first class.

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