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1. On-Campus Jobs:

Auburn’s campus is one of the biggest job markets for students who are looking for work. Students who work on campus find it easier to balance work and school. Most campus jobs do not have set daily hours, so students are able to come and go in-between their class schedules. Students who work in various offices around campus are also the first to know about events going on in the school.

Chelsea Butler, a senior, works the front desk of the Student Involvement office.

“It is so convenient having a job right on campus,” Butler said. “Working at the Student Involvement office has been very beneficial to me. I send my boss my class schedule and he works with me to set my hours around class time. There are also a few other students who work the front desk with me, as well. Its great, because I am able to switch shifts if I need to. Another perk, is that I am aware of what events are going on around campus. Whenever I hear of a cool club or campus event, I tell all my friends about it so that we can attend!”

2. Jobs According to Major:

In the Auburn/Opelika area, there are many opportunities for students to work in companies that can benefit their resume, and also help them with their studies. Students who work in offices that are within their major get the best of both worlds. Their work actually improves their education, instead of getting in the way of studies.

Katherine Wren, a graphic design major, works at CreateTWO (a marketing, public relations and design company).

“I am able to work closely with other graphic designers in the company,” Wren said. “Everything I make at work I am able to add to my portfolio. It’s great to get a first hand look at everything that happens in a real graphic design company. The designs I do for CreateTWO, I am actually able to see them come to life. It’s a lot more exciting turning in a design that is gonna be used, than turning a class assignment into a professor.”

3. Jobs with a Great Discount:

This category of jobs may be the most beneficial to working girls in college. The boutique’s in downtown Auburn, are known for hiring Auburn University students.

Peyton Fleming, who works at Therapy Boutique, enjoys working with other students at her store.

“It’s such a great job for me, during the school year,” Fleming said. “I got to know other girls really well, and working at a fashion boutique is right up my alley. Most of my paycheck just goes to items I want from the store! Thank goodness for the employee discount!”

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, students who work between one and 20 hours a week get better grades then students who do not work. This may be a surprise, but it is human nature to get more done when one is busy, then when one has a lot of spare time.

There are dozens of great job opportunities for students at Auburn University, jobs that can give you extra spending money, more friends and maybe even better grades!

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