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The Cooking and Baking Club: Auburn’s Most Appetizing After-School Activity

Lindsey Beno, a senior with a major in communication and a minor in marketing, came to Auburn University from Destin, Fla., looking to learn more about her passion for cooking and baking. All she found though was a void for such an opportunity. Beno decided then that the only way she could learn more about cooking and baking was to start a Cooking and Baking Club.

And so she did.

“I started the club because I am really interested in cooking and baking. I’ve always wanted to get involved with it and I wanted to join a club on campus and there wasn’t anything really here that offered it, so I decided to start my own club!” says Beno.


The first step was to write the club’s by-laws and constitution. Once that was out of the way, Beno had to find a faculty advisor and 10 students to commit to the club, and what she found was that a lot more than 10 students wanted to get involved. The Cooking and Baking Club was now officially an Auburn organization.

Membership dues are just $10 a semester, and the club meets every three weeks where members try new foods and swap favorite recipes.

Beno explains that the meetings are fun and the time commitment is minimal, saying, “The only thing you really have to do on your own is if we have a meeting where you bring your own food, you just have to make that ahead of time and bring it.”

Meetings may also include demonstrations from local chefs. One of Beno’s favorite guests was former Amsterdam Café chef David Bancroft, who spoke about his inspirational journey from never attending culinary school to helping open a new restaurant. Also, during the club’s most recent meeting, members took a field trip to Earth Fare where they learned how to cook in a dorm or apartment with minimal necessities.

Beno has also teamed with Eagle Eye to present cooking segments every Friday morning on Wake Up Auburn University. She explains, “Someone from the club will do it every week, so that’s really exciting. They teach you how to cook some really cool things in less than five minutes.”

From esteemed chef to a simple food lover, any student can join the Cooking and Baking Club. To join, email Beno or any of the other officers, or simply show up to a meeting. The next meeting will be Oct. 29 at 6:00 p.m. in Spidle Hall Room 238. You can also visit the club’s Auburn, Facebook and Twitter sites to learn more.

Beno concludes with, “Anyone can join – it doesn’t matter if you’ve had zero experience in the kitchen or if you cook every day. We want everyone so anyone is welcome!”

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