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The Four Stages You Go Through When Auburn Football has Ended

Football has a huge following in the United States, but especially in the South. Every Saturday in the fall is like a holiday, and dedicated fans plan their tailgates and trips to away games weeks in advance.

As an SEC school, Auburn is no different. We take our football very seriously here on the Plains and Jordan-Hare is sacred ground from August to November. After all the hype is over and the Iron Bowl has been played, however, we’re left with a kind of black hole that football once filled. It’s a tough time for Tiger fans, whether the team did well or not, and these are the four stages you go through once the lights over Pat Dye field have been turned off for the last time.

1. Sadness

It’s all over. Your Saturdays are now empty and you actually have to make plans other than waking up early to get ready and trek across campus to find your parent’s tailgate. There are no RVs pulling into town starting on Wednesday nights and the white tents won't occupy the greenspace for at least another nine months. The echoes of the AUMB practicing have stopped ringing across campus long ago, and the traffic in town on the weekends is actually tolerable.

2. Disbelief

Where did the last four months go?! It seemed like just yesterday you were looking for game-day dresses and figuring out exactly what time you would need to get to the stadium in order to beat the crowd. It went by so fast and now you're stuck in the weird middle ground with no sports to get excited about.

3. Acceptance

Once you've gotten over the heartbreak that you won't be hanging out with 87,451 of your closest friends for quite some time, you realize that maybe it is a good thing that football is finally over. There’s no need to stress over finding a date to the game, you won't be distracted for three days out of the week and you won't feel the aging affect the cardiac Tigers tend to have on their fans when games are up in the air until the last few seconds. Hey, at least now you can start really focusing on school again, right?  It’s more than likely that your GPA took a little nose dive during that first semester…

4. Anticipation

Soon enough the replay and hype videos will start to roll in, and your Facebook wall will be filled with classic clips of Bo going over the top, Cadillac going crazy and Chris Davis running it back 109 yards. Beautiful montages of last season’s games filled with slow-mo clips of Sammie Coates’ unbelievable catches and Duke Williams’ touchdowns will cause major goosebumps. Throwback Thursdays are now dedicated to pictures of you in the stadium with your friends huddled together holding orange and blue shakers. You'll start re-living the amazing moments that made you realize just how much you love Auburn football and school pride will be at an all-time high. All you have to do now is make it to A-day!

Coach Malzahn knows exactly how we feel...

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