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Lauren Jones, from Trussville, Alabama is a freshman at Auburn University. She is a pre-business major and when she graduates she hopes to live in Nashville, Tennessee and work in the music industry. She is involved in many campus organizations like Greek life, Junior Panhellenic delegate for her sorority, College of Republicans, student association for Auburn, and Greek week t-shirt committee.  She absolutely loves Auburn and said it was the best choice she ever made to attend this very fine institution.

1. What made you decide to come to Auburn University?
 Most of my high school (Hewitt-Trussville) goes to Alabama. It's sometimes even referred to as the "13th grade" because so many people go there. I was able to visit Auburn a few times during my junior and senior year and fell in love with it! Each time I came, I found myself not wanting to go back home, so now I don't have to! There are still a bunch of students from my high school that came to Auburn this year (I think about 25 out of 292 graduates), but I'm not surrounded by everyone I went to high school with.


2. What extracurricular activities would you recommend to an incoming freshman to get involved in?
 I would definitely advise any incoming freshman girls to go through rush. Even if you don't end up joining a sorority, you've met so many new girls just by having friends in your pi chi group. Having familiar faces on campus the first week is so nice! And joining a sorority is even better, because you have 57  girls you didn't know before that you would see on the concourse. I even had a few of my sisters in my classes, so that was helpful when we had to study for tests and quizzes! I would also recommend getting involved with Impact, a community service organization.


3. What has been the biggest adjustment to college life?
 The biggest adjustment to college life would be creating your own schedule. In high school, I knew I would be in school from 8-3, at practice every day until 5:30, and dinner would be almost ready once I got home. In college, I've had to practice time management with downtime in between classes and trying to use that time efficiently, as well as squeezing in time at the Student Act since I'm not getting my 2 and a half hour practice in Monday-Friday anymore.


4. Would you recommend an incoming freshman to live on or off campus?
 I would definitely recommend any incoming freshman (especially girls) to live on campus! And from what I've heard from all my friends, the Hill and the Quad are the most fun your freshman year. I got lucky and I live on the Quad. Our whole hall is friends with each other and it's so much fun getting to hang out with somebody at any given time! Someone's always awake at odd hours or home during your downtime in between classes. Plus, the convenience of living in the Quad is amazing.


5. Have you lived up to your expectations of what you thought college life would be?
 So far, I think I have lived up to my expectations of what I thought college life would be. Sometimes it's a challenge when all your friends are going out and you know you can't because you have to study, but that's just part of it. I've had fun becoming close with so many girls that I just met in August. Next year I'll be living with three girls in my sorority that I didn't know before I came to Auburn and I believe that is part of what college life should be! New experiences and new people have helped me live up to my expectations.

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