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The Village is the newest, The Quad is the closest to campus but The Hill is the quietest. All of these factors contribute to the ongoing dilemma incoming freshmen face as they make the decision of where to live on campus.

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When registering to live on campus students are asked to rank, in order of preference, which residence hall they would like to live in the following year.

“Don’t stress about which dorm you will be placed in, each dorm has its own benefits different from all the rest,” said Sarah Haire, the current Residence Hall Administrator of Eagle Hall in The Village.

The Quad residence halls are located in the middle of campus next door to the Student Union. Students enrolled in the Honors College have housing reserved for them in the upper-quad residence halls. The lower-quad is regular housing that is reserved on a first come first serve basis.

“I loved living in The Quad my freshman year. It was great being able to roll out of bed two minutes before my 8 a.m. class and still be able to get there on time,” said Caroline Evers, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering.

The Hill is another area of residence halls located on campus off of Samford Drive. These dorms were the former housing of all the sorority chapters and were designated female only. Now only two of the residence halls are female only and the rest are co-ed, gender separated by floor.

“When registering for housing I had no idea which dorm to put first so I just put a few that looked OK and hoped for the best,” said Shannon O’Kelley, a junior at Auburn. “I ended up living in Dowell Hall on The Hill my freshman year and it was great. It was a little farther from the center of campus but it was so convenient for football games and a lot quieter than The Quad,” said O’Kelley.

The Village is the newest edition to Auburn’s residence halls and now the current housing of all sorority chapters and members. The rooms are set-up more like an apartment with a kitchenette and common room.

“I love living in The Village,” said Janie Locker a sophomore majoring in international business. “It is just like an apartment, the best part is having your own room to be able to study and take a break from it all.”

When students find out where they are living they are also given a move in time and date.

“It is vital that students move in at their designated time so we can be of service to them and so there is no overcrowding,” said Haire.

When students finish moving they are asked to meet with their RHA and go over the policies of the residence hall and also learn about activities and socials the RHA will be planning for the residents.

“We do lots of fun nights together. We do it so they can get to know each other better and feel a little more at ease after moving to a new place,” said Haire. “I think it makes the transition a lot easier.”

“It is a great experience living on campus. I think that it was the best decision I made my freshmen year. It kept me involved and more in touch with the university and really gave me that complete freshmen experience,” said O’Kelley.

To learn more about living on campus please visit the Auburn University Housing website.

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