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The holidays are a time of celebration. Family and friends come together and form traditions. Whether it be carving the turkey or trimming the tree everyone has a way of doing things. My family is no different.

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Every year we do things the same, and if there was a change I am not sure how my family would handle it. We kick things off with a full feast on Thanksgiving. This year my Mother nominated herself to cook the annual dinner. Scared to death at what the outcome would be, I transformed into super-daughter. Cooking for 21 people would not be an easy task so I wanted my Mother to be stress free. I volunteered my services and told her I would help her anyway I could.

I should have known my Mother would have everything under control. She had her color-coated recipes placed in their designated pans. It worked a lot like an assembly line. When she finished one casserole she slid on down to the next. She was whipping, pouring and smashing food like it was her job. Eventually my mom gave me a task.

“Haley, I have something you can do,” my Mother said.

“Okay, what is that,” I said.

“Peel the potatoes.”

“How many?”

“The entire bag.”

“What? The entire bag?”

Since I decided to become super-daughter that day I peeled the potatoes; all of them. Thinking back on it I should have known my Mother would give me a task that was impossible to mess up. I am no cook and my Mother knows that.

Late afternoon everyone started to arrive. There were hugs and screams of laughter. Joy was in the air. My Mother still slaying away preparing the food was constantly shooing people out of the kitchen. Fingers, spoons and forks were flying everywhere. We are a very impatient group. Finally, the red thermometer popped out of the turkeys, and it was time to eat.

The wild animals that were salivating over the food minutes earlier turned into angles as we gathered around to say the Lord’s Prayer. As soon as the Amens were said the angels lost their wings and returned to the wild beasts. Within minutes the stampede stopped and all became quiet. The only sounds were chewing of turkey and sipping of cider.

After dinner, while the bellies were taking a break, the stories were unleashed. My older brother and cousin always have something entertaining to say. We laugh until our stomachs hurt even worse and then say our goodbyes. We wish each other well and say we will see each other Christmas Eve.

With two grandparents, eight aunts and uncles and 11 grandchildren things can get a little hectic, but that is what I love most. All 21 of us are extremely different, but the one thing we do hold in common is we are very opinionated. We like to speak our minds and tell you what we thing. This sometimes can cause problem, but mostly brings entertainment. My family might be crazy, but whose isn’t?

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